Saturday, December 31, 2005

Down the memory lane

Another year gone by, tomorrow will be new year. Overall, it would be just another day of life n work but still the year gone by was very special.
Not sure if i wanna go thru all those memories again, someone told me its better to keep moving and not looking back thru' time (just started reading a new book called Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro: where the author is going back thru her childhood days, lets see how it goes); good moments in life are like rain drops on a leaf, which falls or dry down sooner or later. But still, it's my personal blog, so i can write whatever i feel like :-) and don't know if i do this part later on in my life and I can always come back and read once in a while abt it.. And when we meet sometime somewhere somehow, it will serve its purpose.. and why not, most of them are good memories, don't like writing abt the sad parts even thou they had there share for 2005 and thats what life is about.. good n bad times and being together ---

Dec 31 2004 Evening (before i lost my camera)

We (along with friends) welcomed 2005 on a cruise around New York skyline watching the fireworks above the NY skyline, wonder how the skyline wud be different when World Trade Centre was still there. Sounds strange to myself, but it was one of best moments of my life, and it was truely memorable evening, good moments, wonderful friends, drinks n food, lot of dancing n fun, with skyline on the backdrop.. NY - like a dream city

Apart from work at SCR and its been almost 4 months are SCR, winter has taken over the wonderful fall season in NJ, January 2005, the thing which i remember most is: Jan13, 2 things: First, important for me and also my friends hans, karl, stefan, poe (thanks for driving me b4 this day).. i had my driver license test and got my license (what a relief, one may say, US cities without car - no way) *happy*; Second one was Mel Bday and we thought to give her a surprise flower bouquet and card from and i still remember while telling the sales person on phone, all the names of friends (all european names) and saying each alphabet hundred times of like 5 names, and believe me some of those names were difficult for me to pronounce too, and the women on phone was going insane, may be, but she was quite patient all thru' and they got most names correctly..
Time passed, few snow storm warning, no driving, stay at home evenings, dinners, jam sessions.. easy going.. few farewell's - karl, jens, dina (crazy half naked party thrown by dina ;-).. Few more Thursday Dbar nights (when there used to be no restriction) .. Can't forget Solas Club in NY in feb. one of the most craziest club nights ever had, can't remember the occasion for it, but it was just awesome, imagine a group of around 50 interns/friends.. totally crazy.. later on i heard from some friend that the owner or manager saying that he hasn't seen such a crazy lot of people in recent times.. the whole dance floor was full of us, imagine ..

Ah another one worth mentioning, imagine ME on Ice Skates.. u don't wanna see that.. we went to Central Park and man .. one of the most embrassing days, i can't even stand on them on snow, forget skating.. and 2 yr old sliding gracefully, woh, can't think of it, but still was a great day, which ended with a wonderful dinner with 2 very special people :-)

Few more farewells - Dennis, A. Ess, Sebi, Katrin, PA

I think March was the biggest farewell month, or maximum no. of friends to whom i said farewell in a single month :-)).. Maurice, Geri, Poe, Hans, Stefan, Brandy, Katrin (she had a few farewells ;-) .. even thou it was quite depressing those times, its the life of an intern at SCR (may be i can write a book on it, Life of an Intern at SCR).. but i am thanksful for meeting and knowing and spending some wonderful time with all of them.. And offcourse you don't wanna know why we were not allowed anymore (or with restrictions now) at Dbar ;-)) (mail me if u don't knw).. The life was never stopping at SCR, lots of happening, can't tell all, but wonderful memories.. dinners (turkish tomato soup), jam session @ ewing street, theme farewell parties (pyjama party, half naked, beach wear, green party, pink party, white, drinking), fruit breaks, coffee breaks, Bday parties, Austrian Coffee (Geri: listening ;-) and last but not least t-shirt tradition which actually died after March 2005. And my best: French Breakfast in NY, Ice Skating in Central Park (atleast i tried) and dinner with 2 :-)

Afterwards, the things were a bit more calm, 6 months is the best life-time of SCR intern, if u stay more, its good too, but it takes it time to be back in the circle.. so following months were with short NY n Philly trips, lot of movies, And offcourse Farewell (never stops) - Thomas.

Had a 2 weeks holiday in April-May and went to Munich of some uni n visa stuff (german law is not easy to handle :-).. met some friends over there, partying continued (Vodka Rules)

Back to Princeton: more work at SCR, thesis work too, less contacts, .. did i tell u abt Bob Schneider, actually don't knw what to tell, but the only professional live music show which i saw, he is good after a while and basically i enjoyed everytime we went to his shows (went twice).. less parties than before.. exactly don't know what we did, but it was more of enjoying the wonderful NJ indian summer, which is very cool.. oh and i stopped going to gym too (but did i ever said, i started going, but i did go there for few months).. lol.. just enjoy the sun..

Finally the first long weekend for 2005 in US and we decided to go to Montreal and Quebec City - Me, Zac, Mel, Ferit, Jens... wonderful trip, montreal is a wonderful city.. very beautiful.. reminds a bit of europe and its style and even more in Quebec City with its french style..

June: B'Day month - turned 25, old now.. but not that old.. lot of things to do and come in life.. it was nothing much, nice quite evening with Bjoern, Sil, Claudi, n Mel (zac cudn't make it ;-)).. still remember those wonderful cakes with indians flags, thanks all.. and next day.. one of best gifts - a t-shirt which said: Mohan - The President.. Thank you all for your love n friendship :-))

Another Farwell - Meltem.. its was not easy ..

Passing Time, Live 8 concert in Philly, Independence day celebrations at Philly, few more farewells - Raphi, Timo, bjoern, martin..

Meet lot more intersting ppl later on too (cool french :-)), made some good friends too... lot more farewells, silvia - missed a lot for a month :-)

My Last month at SCR - like everyone it has to come to an end.. life which made me feel different, changed me a bit too and a life filled with memories down the lane, its already long blog, more for myself.. zac, naty, winy, claudi, felix for making the whole month so more nice, for the farewell party n wonderful gifts and for being there..
Farewell Mohan with the Green Hat

Back to Munich, life goes on as someone said earlier, finishing thesis soon, last semester of studies, few exams coming soon, meeting SCR friends still, munich is THE place to meet them ;-).. lot of things to do in 2006 :-))

So that was it, a short summary of 2005, which u see, was fun with its moments of happiness, sadness, special, memorable, worth blogging ;-).. hope everyone had a wonderful year..

Actually its more of a when, where n how i party with friends :-)), but isn't what it counts, offcourse work has it own course and there are lot of things which can be mentioned abt it.. and lot more things happened too, small, big, very big too .. but the point was just simple, just wanted to relive the intern life at SCR with ppl from all over the world and remember some old days (which are actually not that old, just few months ago).. and Move on (as someone said before) to new horizons and for achieving things which matter to this life .. move closer to my goals with these memories which come once..

Cheers and Enjoy the New Year Eve :-)).. Party hard !!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Frohe Weihnachten / Merry Christmas

Its next day to Christmas, relaxed n easy :-)

Wish you all a perfectly wonderful Christmas and hope each n everyone had a wonderful time.


Friday, December 23, 2005

the heart bleeds

the heart bleeds
With a thought

thought of you as a friend
more than a friend

Not just a listner
But also a speaker

Don't know why you hide, cause
When I needed the one
Couldn't find the one
When I needed to hear
Couldn't hear the one
When I needed to see
Couldn't see the one

It used to matter once
May be it doesn't matter

believed in you, still do
was it too much to ask

You will think of it one day
would still wait for that day

The heart bleeds
With a thought

Of losing myself!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

out of ears

read your letter
again and again till the very end
for 3 days in a row
again and again till the very end

saw the light, on another site
decided to walk to bright side
saw the one, on the other side
felt the touch which was never there

i want to walk on the path
which leads towards you
but the standards of my zodiac
never let me walk on the way
if someone asks, is it all true
to me its all a dream which never came true

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I feel like dancing

its 2:51 AM in morning and after trying to do some image to movie rendering, and installing Win XP on laptop once more (wonder if Mac ppl and Linux ppl also have to do this re-installlations every once in a while or not) and while listening to old hindi bollywood remix'd music , I feel like dancing *lets beat it* :-)) .. dance with the muse!!

"You said you’d dance” I said.
"I am dancing" she said.
"No, you’re just stepping in the same place over and over" I said.
"This is how I dance now" she said.
"You said do you wanna dance?" I said again.
"But this is dance" she said.
"You have to dance as if no-one is watching" I said.<
"Whats that" she said.
"Let's go" I said.
So We went out and She hasn't stopped dancing since then !!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Quick One

Found it on a blog, Check it out, its funny:

Also I was wondering abt somethin, last year while in US, we had a Holiday Party, a Holiday Tree, we had holiday season holidays, why can't it be just called Christmas Holidays, X-mas Tree, I felt that it was kinda controversial and offcourse strange. Are we afraid to call it this way?? Every other festival season is called by its name, so why for x-mas, its holiday season :-//

Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Stories

Part 1: So it started on friday evening with a Glühwein! with silvia in a cosy munich bar and some reading for TOEFL. I can't believe that since the toefl guys changed the test pattern, there are no test dates available in Munich till March 2006. I called them too but no use, she told me to go to London or Amsterdam to give the test. No decision about it yet. Later at night, went to an opening of a print art exhibition of a friend's friend. Again wine! & met some interesting people out there. After that my friend said ok let go to some bar as its friday night, so went to Ulter Simpl, and again wine! and then i realized that i am only drinking and no food for whole day (just coffee n muffin in morning), so went back home at 3 or so, watched Lost (more on it) and slept and man next morning, i was dead, the wine gave a terrible headache n bodypain for half of saturday.

Part 2: Didn't catch saturday morning, woke up at 12 or so, dead, pain, headache, everything - decided to have some food otherwise zip zap zoom.

Part 2a: Lost - Students servers: best thing :-) - Got season 1 of Lost and you all must be aware of the hype, so decided to check it out too. Started pretty nicely and i must admit (have watched 7 episodes till now), its very interesting and nice concept.

Part 2b: Ok, so it was saturday early evening, my phone is contract is running out, so decided to get a new one. At 6, went to Media Markt store, and saw a PDA phone and as some of you know, i wished to had one for sometime now, so cudn't resist and got an O2 XDA Mini ; with windows mobile 2003 SE in Deutsch. Even thou its not a big problem to use it but u see, to get into the details, its bit tough. So i asked the guy if I can get the OS in English and he said its extra 170-180 euro, com'on i didn't pay that much for phone, so i decided to not to. Came back happy with it. Played around with it, nice piece of technology :-) .. But as i told zac "Technology can never be smarter than human".. to be continued...

Part 2c: Now it was 9, again hungry, getting late for Marc Bday get-together, but can't go without eating otherwise Sunday wud be Lost too. So had quick dinner, took tram and a bit late but on time, arrived at Volksgarten ; and the evening turned out to be pretty good with some drinks (not much), And it was bit surprising that everyone turned up ;-), offcourse it was nice to all of them :-)). And had an interesting evening till 2 AM. Went home, server down, no Lost, so played with phone ;.) and over

Part 3: Sunday Morning or Early Afternoon - Now woke with a bit of cough, thought it will go away, so just hanged around, had lunch, no work, talked to mom, dad n bro back home. And it was evening, somehow i can't say at room whole day, have to go out once, so decided to check out the Christmas Market (chriskindlmarkt) at Marienplatz but stupid thing closed at 7 only, its opens till 8:30 other days.

Part 3a: "Technology can never be smarter than human" - So my PDA phone's OS still in German, and no intention to spend 200 euros. So checked out with a friend some forums n stuff. And finally got down to System Level Programming stuff, dealing to HEX files. So we first made the XDA work in USB mode or boot-up mode, made the back-up of german OS from the XDA to a memory chip (if we mess up something, the warranty is not void), opened the HEX file, changed the first 220 bytes of the English version (got it from a friend) with the first 220 bytes of German OS and back to memory chip, boot-up the XDA, and booted it with the new English version of the Windows Mobile 2003 SE Phone Edition. And pecfect, now its in English. yippy!!, ok lost the phone company application suite which they pre-installed but shudn't be a prob to get them too. Its midnight, went back to room n slept, just to know next morning that...

Part 4: Now it was Monday morning, having cold n cough, sick on Monday, what can be worse, no energy to get up, so stayed at home only. Feeling ok now but still it will take 3-4 days to get over it, unless its gets worse, which i hope not..

catch u later all !!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Monday, November 28, 2005

When Life just blows....

found this on some blog, last thing we need to blow life.. Coming Soon in a store near you :-))

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Erste Truthahn Zubereitung - Our First Turkey

Hey all
Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend.
In Munich, with our princeton friends - we had our first Princeton Munich Thanksgiving Dinner at grace apartment. It was just awesome. The story unfolds:
Even thou we moved it from saturday night to friday night so that maximum people can attend it, thou time to prepare food was much less as everyone had workin day.. Everyone had some last minute assigned tasks ;-)
So i met up with claudi to buy some Glüwein n Brownie and arrived at grace place around 7:30. And guess what our 3.8 kgs (8 pounds) of deeeeeeeep frozen turkey was waiting for us.
During the day i was looking for: where to get turkey and pumpkin pie (don't even think abt this) in munich and most forums were like oh its hard to find a turkey, its expensive and takes 5-6 hours to cook, n this n that. So i was pretty sure, Marc (it was his task to get the dead bird, turkey, chicken, whatever) won't get one and we wud settle for chicken which is easier to cook. And the other imp thing which was even more motivating, no-one had ever made turkey in our entire guest list (with 2 americans, one veg).
So we enter the apartment and marc with his frozen turkey submerged in hot water to defrost, ok what next, we have the dead bird.. now what to do with it.
First Thought: its frozen , if we keep it in water it take 2 hours or more just to defrost and 6 hours to go, means 8-9 hours. We decided to put the big bird in the microwave and defrost asap (which was a task in itself). So after an hour (like 8:30 or so), we took in out and tried opening in legs and wings; and clean it to make space for filling and put it again back. Mean time grace made a nice filling for it (rice, croutons, sauce etc.).
Second Thought: ok its kinda defrosted and ready to do something with the bird ;-), had a quick look on internet for receipe. And then the big move to keep it in the oven. We took it out of microwave, on the tray, buttered it, filling in, and there goes our turkey in the oven at 250 °C at 9:30 PM.
Third Thought: ok, we need to cover it from top also, otherwise in 2-3-4 hours it will be all black on top, so covered top with foil.
Fourth Thought: Mean time, we had the first round of food, with veg soup, bread, rice n drinks.

Oh in between all these thoughts (which are actually full tasks of one hour each), forgot our big vodka guy - stephan - who was ready with vodka with orange juice for all of us ;-)).. no empty glasses for anyone
Also after every 15-20 min, we took the turkey out, battered it with its own fat, it was cool and it started to change color and smell (uu, can still smell it ;-)) and back to oven
checkin out the turkey nth time
Had a beer pong match also in between, guys vs gals (no prize for guessing, WE WON, only one in-glass shot for gals)

our make-shift beer pong table
And our turkey was looking perfect, smelled perfect and everything perfect.

Tempting Turkey :-°°
battering the turkey.. isn't the turkey looking beautiful ;-)
Fifth Thought: On the table everyone, Turkey is ready (11:45 PM, in just over an 4 hours) :-)) (oh forgot again, lot of things happened in between all this, one.. turkey sauce, zophia made sauce for turkey)

PERFECTLY COOKED TURKEY, TASTED YUMMMMMY, ABSOLUTELY PEFRECT :-)))) (com'on it was our first, i had too write this long).. EVERYONE enjoyed it all lot. And to make it even better (Deutsch touch), we served our HOT GLÜWIEN, perfect combination. And ate till the last piece of meat on it. I was terribly full. But full of satisfaction also.

And then the brownie, woh, i thought i won't able to eat anything but cudn't resist it..*g*

And thats how it all went, with joy n laugther, & thats what it is all about.. cheers to everyone who was there :-)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tuesday Movie Night

tonight we went to see HP4 - Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire and I (others too) fully enjoyed the whole 3 hours of it, pretty nice with all the visual effects and driven nicely with the story and characters. The movie has it dark side and more emotional than previous versions. However there is humor n life too. Specially as harry and his friends move to adolescence, with all encounters with gals, one area which HP movies haven't touched yet, they now face the real life chalange of handling girls ;-)) but its all nicely acted with some funny sequences.
Also there is one sequence of the ball, where everyone has to dress nicely, have a partner n dance, pretty cool specially the way Prof McGonagall describes the event, delightfully, as "an evening of well-mannered frivolity". Must see.. the characters have grown up, so has their sense of humor. Also Quidditch World Cup in the start is cool and lots of others sequences.. :-))
May be in later half, the movie folds a bit quickly and soon you have Dark Lord Voldemort (reminded me of Darth Vader and all the dark things ;-)), but we have to expect more of him in next movie, so short entry seems ok too.

A Must See :-)).. so enjoy

Heute - Merkel Tag - Germany's First Women Chancellor

Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday Blues

I woke up this morning
sun shining in my window, but behind the snow clouds
And there ain't no combination, ain't no need to go oustide
I cud think of going for work, but ain't no need

so here i am feeling "fuolen" the monday blues

yesterday night i dreamed of you
visited the place with you, "under the tree in your street"
the feeling was strange even thou i was with you
never thought i wud dream of you

can't imagine you never felt this way
and can still make me dream of you
No, I never wanna fall in love with you
still i am falling in it without you

Wish i could change my love to hate her
Wish i could make her change my mind
Wish i could sleep without her
Wish i could i find my space in her

Everything seems to be burried in the snow
Everything seems pleasing to eyes
Everything seems to bluff my mind
Everything will change as it melts down

just for me, just the words of music which i listen, nothing to wonder - Mo.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Workout

hola everyone
its been snowing here the whole weekend, and -3 C, isn't it warm, def. reason to make one warm.. the weekend was kinda ok, saturday we (me, sil, cluadi) went to Karl's student organisation party, it was nice, met Hans n Brandy n lots of bavarians :-) ..

heute war es Ikea tag (Today was Ikea day)
i went to sil new apartment to help her out with moving in and stuff. As i reached there, she was busy painting walls to white.. and then we painted one of the walls to RED, cool color (with white stripes in between, looks coool), ok i didn't really painted as I didn't had the right clothing for it, but as it was my first time (sil n I always somehow end up doing things together for first time ;-)), i jst put tapes around corners n sheets. And then the big ikea arrangement, she had this big white furniture (don't know howz it called), and if u have bought ikea stuff, sometimes it can be fun to play with it while putting everything in right place, so we started out, after a while realized ok its not gonna fit, screwed out half of it, rearranged, put each piece of bloc (12 small pieces) one by one, while trying to hold the structure together, kicking the small small pieces of wood to hold the pieces together, jumping all over, going all around, pushing in n out, holding the structure, and what not.. but finally it was perfect.. but we were kinda afraid to put it straight, didn't wanted it to fall over.. but again as it was ikea product, it stood up and now enjoys its new lease of life.. the point is buy ikea furniture and invite friends over for a fun day of workout.. ah in between we had McDonalds food (its better here than in US, really) and a nice coffee... thats it!!!!

If you want to make sense it has to come from silence - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Friday, November 18, 2005

Beautiful Night - 1st Snow

what could be better than to see n feel n smell n enjoy the first snow of the season
So me and silvia decided to meet for a coffee (after everyone turned the movie offer down) and as we were enjoying the coffee and our conversation, the snow flakes started falling down like crystals from heaven and it was a beautiful moment. Its a refreshing feeling to be out for the first snow and its not that freaking cold also, nice n cool :-)).. And unlike US, where its a state of emergency ;-).. its beautiful here with snow, *happy feeling* ..

Monday, November 14, 2005

look what i found

while sorting some old data folders, i found some pencil sketches from my childhood, thought u guys might wanna have a look /:
cudn't rotate it (does anyone know how to rotate it in here)
oh this was fun, this was view from my study table and i did this instead of studying ;-).. i like the banana tree outside window
just some random sketching
"still painting"
"oil painting"

(may be i shud start again but no time.. but sometime in future)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I wanna know

I just don't know where my mind is going at this point of time
I just don't know howz my weekend gonna be
I just don't know why i went to party downstairs
I just don't know why i didn't knew anyone there

I just don't know why i smoked that 100th joint
I just don't know why i listened to her
I just don't know if shud sleep or not
I just don't know if i shud switch on the lights or keep writing in dark

I just don't know if shud call her or not
I just don't know if shud listen to her or not
I just don't know if she likes me or not
I just don't know how my life would be without her

I just don't know if its madness or what

I just don't know when will i get rid of it
I just don't know why i feel so high
I just don't know if this is what i want
I just don't know if i know

There is only one thing i would like to believe in
And I just don't know what is it
Everday I keep thinking of it
And still I just don't know what is it

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Package from Princeton

Day before yesterday, I got my package, a 10 kg UPS box, from Princeton. And i had totally forgotten what did i put in it apart from some mugs, a toy (only 1), few books, and it was no surprise after opening it also, but still here is the list of items (as asked by some of you) :

1. 3 Unused books which i am carrying for past 2 years, u don't wanna knw name..
2. Lots n Lots of CD's: Softwares (all originals); Lots of MP3's (no comments, i don't know how i got them); Lots of old document CD's; some DVD's etc.
3. National Geographic Maps
4. Bills
5. Lots of princeton memories (yeah again, u can't get rid of them easily ;-))
5a. Yodha (the only toy grace & its not a stuff toy :-/) and its speaks also :-).. Thanks Mel
5b. Lots of cards (Sil, Clau, Zac, Home, friends)
5c. Turkish Vocabulary post its (Naber? ; iYiYiM ; Sikildim ; Kasimak)
5d. 3 coffee mugs (never used) - (NS, CDS, Seb)
5e. a $2 check from little g, for our organization called TWO (i'll cash it sometime 'g')
5f. wanna knw more??
6. A nice NY postcard from Zac
7. My laptop bag (which never had a latop inside it)
8. ah 2 more books: Mathematics and the Unexpected (not read) and Da Vinci Code

ok.. thats its.. actually i got some intersting old CD's, will post some things later on from them,

ok.. hope u liked my list of items which i had been waiting for 2 months from princeton.


freundschaft, das its eine seele in zwei koerpern - Aritoleles - or as said by "Poe"

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Top Ten

This is the list of top 10 songs i listened to in last few days.. its crazy.. Black Eyed Peas.. 4 times.. i need to go club (in NY)

1. Get Up - Badmarsh & Shri
2. Don't Phunk with my Heart - Black Eyed Peas
3. Let's Get Retarded - Black Eyed Peas
4. Demon Days - Gorillaz
5. Don't Lie - Black Eyed Peas
6. She says - Howie Day
7. L.O.V.E. - Bauchklang
8. My Hump - Black Eyed Peas
9. Hotel California - Eagles
10. So called party over there - Gonzales
-> iTunes

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sorting Memories

I miss that town
I miss their faces
You can't erase
You can't replace it
I miss it now
I can't believe it
So hard to stay
Too hard to leave it
If I could relive those days
I know the one thing that would never change
- Nickelback

Friday, November 04, 2005

she says

since i lost my apple headphones, i haven't been able to listen to good quality music for 2 months now almost (my poor laptop speakers only), but today Anja (danke danke) got me a Sony MDR-EX71SLW weiss headphone's and they soooo coool, now i can hear all my music so nicely.. and in U-bahn and everywhere.. :-))))

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Deepavali

Today is the biggest indian festival, Diwali, and its celebrated all over India with great pomp and show. Everyone exhanges sweets and gifts with friends, family and relatives, burst a lot of crackers and enjoy a lot, & greets and wishes everyone. I am sitting in my room, but i can still feel the vibe for it (now i am a bit sad too, i hope i could have been with them for it). And on this special occasion I would like to wish my family and everyone i know in delhi (india) a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali and it brings you joy, health and wealth.

Also I would like to wish all my friends all over the world (in Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Australia, France, South Africa, Cameroon, Canada, Russia, Ukrain, Swiss, Austria, Chile, Brazil, China) a very happy and prosperous coming year's which bring's peace and joy, bring's prosperity and cheer to each and everyone of you; that stay with you, throughout life.

Best Wishes

"Help and not fight," "Assimilation and not Destruction," "Harmony and Peace and not Dissension." - Swami Vivekananda

Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Little Space" - I am 1 month old

its 30th October today, time flyin (day light saving ends today, one more hour to write or sleep).. and its been a month now since i started this blog, I am one month old now *cheers* and I am totally addicted to it somehow, if i don't see it once a day, my day is incomplete ;-).. also reading some random blogs too *g*; its fun (when you hav time offcourse)

But i really feel a lot better (ok talkin to claudi is even better than this) when i write something on it, feels like i have to take care of someone (atleast virtually) and tell IT what i felt like... Sometimes it gets really lonely (i know i hav lots of good n caring friends) but still sometimes, and during that it helps too,... atleast it seems like this to me after this month

Since then, i blogged some random thoughts of mine to you all, and have this stat counter and just wanna share the summary of it :-) (i know i am getting crazy with it).. anyhow thanks for reading it, if someone does :-))...
Peace n Love for all

Saturday, October 29, 2005

delhi shook

Its only a few days ahead of the upcoming, one of the most important and celebrated, festival in India called Diwali or Deepavali or Row of lights or Festival of Lights. And the weekend was buzzing, with people doing shopping, enjoying the festivities, meeting friends and relatives..

Today in the evening, a series bomb explosions shook New Delhi, and lot of people died and more injured. The explosions took place in some of the busiest shopping areas of Delhi where "common" people doing their shopping for the season, one of explosion was near to my college where I did my bachelors studies.

A lot of people wait for this time of year to do their shopping and enjoy the time, but with these explosions the spirit of the people have gone down, its really a blow to the spirit of the festival season. I was pretty sad after hearing the news, as I have seen and been at those places and after the explosions, it must be terrifying.

I was also bit panicked to hear about it as my family n friends are there and I frantically tried to call people directly from my cell phone, and for half an hour no cellphone of my brother (he has 2 of them); family friends, friends; nothing connected and no-one picked up home phone too. Tried several time, and finally it connected and I was relieved to hear all safe message from them.

Blessed be everyone

Friday, October 28, 2005

Spot the missing part

A friend of mine sent a couple of pics of these people, can you spot something out of this pic, there's something missing.. comments r welcome :-)..
Hav a nice weekend!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

What a f$#%&*# day!!

I am pretty upset today by myself; I really wanted to go and take the lecture at uni today, haven't been last 2 times also, BUT schize, its very bad on my part. Even though it takes me 1 hr and 15-20 minutes to reach my university, from my room and I shud leave home around 7:15 AM, means getting up at 6:45 AM, and worst of all I have to change transportation 4 times, first from my home, take a strasse-Bahn (street train or tram), to next stop, from there a bus to underground train station, take U-train to Garching and then take another bus to finally reach university. But STILL still I shud have gone, I am not gonna miss it next week, and its only twice a week (tuesday and thursday); I HAVE TO GO (ok next tuesday is holiday); I HAVE TO GO (even if I sleep at 2 AM or don't sleep at all or sleep early; No more excuses)

And since i didn't make to uni, the day was almost wasted, didn't do anything, ok read some for exam but otherwise i am very :-|

What else, its not GONNA HAPPEN anymore...

Yesterday, was nice, went to work early, worked and in evening met Claudi for food and drinks and talked about everything, its always nice to meet you claudi :-); but i know i told you i would def. go for lecture, but it didn't worked out, I am sorry :-)

thanks for reading me :-@

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday evening rain is falling - 2

Before reading this - read "Sunday evening rain is falling" post :-)

Actually this weekend (starting friday evening), i felt really "stupid" of myself; everything which was happening was making me feel that, its difficult to explain the whole thing, but i felt that!!

The weekend turned "a bit" interesting due to Grace, otherwise most people are not in Munich and those who are are busy,

We (me n grace and some siemens friends of hers) went to play Billards or Pool on friday evening, i don't know the difference between the two, even though i hit some good shots as per my standards in the 3 games we played, but it was still "stupid", it was funny also some sense ;-) but i am really bad at it, but i never played it seriously too; i wanna go bowling next time, grace???????

Oh, i must tell this, saturday weather, awesome, just awesome: warm, sunny, no wind, beautiful tree color of fall. Its diffcult to get this in Munich (as its raining now ;-|)
But our Saturday plans went downhill as stefan backed out (no vodka), so spent the evening chatting on skype (didn't even feel like studying) with ... guess who?? grace and due to some influence from karl, we decided to go and see Double Feature. First time i saw movie after coming back, that too 2 in a row, ;-) (and second time in Munich in a theater)

Movie Review (worth reading ;-)) :
So the first movie was, The Flight Plan, I saw the trailors for it in US (did I tell you, i love watching trailors before the movie starts in the theater); so finally I watched. The movie starts pretty nicely with all the suspense n thrill. Jodie Foster is good. Even though in some reviews, they said the ending was not good, but we liked it. I mean it was not a supernatural thriller movie so the ending was quite good even though it had some loop holes in the sense that the base of the whole conspiracy was not very clear.. not going in too details as some of you might not have seen it yet, but if you have some time to spare, watch it.

Ok, the second movie, before grace told me about the double feature thing, i never heard about this movie before and I just had a brief look at imdb for it, Rating 7.5. Its called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,

staring Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan. This movie is "...awfully entertaining..."; The one liners; hard-boiled dialogue and drop dead attitute is totally hilarious. Its witty & smartly written comedy. I can remember one where Val kilmer tell Downey jr. "Sleep bad and if any problem, hesitate to call me" and jr. tries to explain the grammar about bad, (badly instead of bad). I could totally relate to Downey Jr. role of being "stupid" in the whole movie ;-).. But the movie is worth seeing, ok the plot is a bit weak, but don't follow the plot, its clear by the end, just go along the ride, you will def. like it and there are lots n lots of funny scenes. I totally RECOMMEND it, Great Film and Great Performance and if someone still doens't like it, i wud like to know why??

Enjoy the movies!!

So that was it, "stupid" but nice weekend :-)

Till next time, enjoy.. I shud study for toefl now, take care evryone

Sunday evening rain is falling

it's been long time (is it), don't know if anyone is reading it but still, anyway so here is some review of my week's weak life,
(in short, people who don't wanna read more) oktoberfest is over, no more beer drinking (no vodka either), munich is normal, no free- time, university started, work too, played billards, watched movies....

So the week started pretty nicely, i started my job at siemens and first day at work was pretty easy going, some paper work, no PC to work, enjoyed the big room with a huge window which is shared with 2 more people, but i feel a bit less concentrated, I think i will get used to it soon, Overall it was a good :-)

Finally I woke up at 7 AM in morning (yes i did), for my lecture at the university, it starts at 8:30 AM and it takes me more than 1 hour to reach there, it was a bit strange feeling after being to university after a year again. But the lecturer, she, is nice, young, soft spoken etc. etc.

So the weekdays went quite well with work and lectures and keeping me busy since I am came back, I happy about it :-) and looking for earbuds for my shuffle (travelling by U-bahn, nice to hear some music) but cudn't find any cheap n good ones.

Contd. - Sunday evening rain is falling - 2

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wiesn - 7: Final Prost

Ok, its been more than 10 days since oktoberfest finished, & i don't feel like putting more news on it, so this is the final one for Wiesn 2005 until next year!! Till then keep rocking!!

Prost, Prost, Prost

or as bavarians say: Oas, Zwoa, Gsuffffaaaaa

This one is for Zac

okay, just because I heard 'Hotel California', I had to write this:
So we (me, grace, brad & raj) went to an Irish Pub called Shemrock today and as grace was sippin her "sort of beer" drink, the live band at the Pub started playing and the first song was 'Hotel California' and I couldn't stop thinking about our jammin nights in Princeton and the 'Hotel California' by Zac. Zac version is still my fav :-) but the thing i want to mention here is that the band had only 2 persons and she (yes she, sometimes looks can be deceiving) did the final part for the song on a Violin (solo), which was pretty cooool...

Looking forward to hear 'Hotel California' by zac in near future!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

I am feeling nice today

Since last few weeks, i was bit depressed and not really happy (really, even though you saw some nice funny crazy pics from Oktoberfest, but still from within i was not so in party mood) as i didn't had work, semester hadn't started, which course to take, what next, no apartment, some other small stuff;

But I am feeling better today, as I got my werkstudent (student job) in the department of my choice at Siemens CT, and also from next week my semester (last sem) is starting and I'm looking forward to my course in Mathematical Models in Biology, I might take some other class too in data mining or related. Ah one thing which i haven' started yet is writing my Master Thesis, will start sooooooon; I have a meeting with my Prof. next week. Lot of things to do next week. Also I finally bought my books for GRE n Toefl and started preparation too :-)

Now I feel more relaxed due to work, also my bank account would be in much happier state and I feel like doing things in best way possible; and get in the working routine..

Just wanna share some happy moments too

Happiness for All my near and dear ones :-) :-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wiesn - 6

My Tongue is better than yours ;-)

Wiesn - 5

No Timing: Funny n Crazy Pics

Our crazy guests from US, Austria, Swiss, Spain etc. and offcourse the Muenchener's;
The pics speak for themselves :-)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wiesn - 4

Mittagessen - Lunch at Hacker - 2:31 PM
Halb Hendl - Half Chicken :-)))
1 Maß Beer

Where is my chicken leg???

Monday, October 10, 2005

Wiesn - 3

First Song By the Band - 12:01 PM

After 8:45 AM in the line outside the tent (ah i forgot to mention this: so the official time when the door opens is 9 AM and we were their at 8:30 AM and we waited outside for half an hour and as soon as we entered the tent at 8:55 AM, guess what, the entire place was already filled with people [5000] and I hav no clue how that happened, but anyhow we managed to get a table)

& 9:30 breakfast, talking n more talking and some more crazy things (i can't remember exactly what we did between 10 and 12),

The music starts only after 12 in afternoon,

Finally the band started playing at 12:01 PM, and the first song and we were on table.. uuhuuuuu

More to come !!

Wiesn - 2

Breakfast at Hacker at 9:30 AM


Weißwurst - Not for me :-(
1 Maß Beer

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Uproar in Delhi

Okie, following my first blog that I just miss Princeton friends; this is a quick one for all my friends in India (Delhi);

I definitely MISS YOU all a lot and I want to visit MY delhi as soon as possible and meet my family and friends there. Its been long time....

See You Soon :-))

Friday, October 07, 2005

Going to Bollywood

Photograph By: Grace
Somthing's fishy in me ;-)..
I don't hav many pics (actually none) without glasses,
So shud I give Bollywood a try????

Thanks Grace :-)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wiesn - 1

At 9 AM, it starts like this:

look out for this blog.. it gonna get HOT

Word Power

While reading news on, came across an article with some unsual or interesting words in different languages. Here are some:

Chinese: 'dai Lu maozi' - literally means 'he wears the green hat' - means that his wife is sleeping with someone else

French: 'faire du leche-vitrines' - literally means 'to lick the windows' - translates as window-shopping

Venezuela: 'culebra' - literally means 'snake' - means a long, morbid, sentimental soap opera

Austrian: 'geisterfahrer' - literally means 'ghost driver' - means that one travelling the wrong way up an autobahn

German: 'handschuhschneeballwerfer' - literally means 'somebody, who wears gloves to throw snow balls' and used in general for all cowards. Also

'luftkissenfahrzeug' - literally means 'air cushion vehicle' - meaning hovercraft

Enjoy and if you come across some words, do share them...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ah just wanna share some pics from nice sunny day at Englischer Garten


Today I moved with a friend of mine to a new room in Studentwohnheim, after a month of staying with Anja (vielen vielen Dank, it was awesome, spl. watching BIG screen TV ;-))),
The room is ok, nothing much, other stuff being shared with the people on the same floor... want something else..

Actually wanted to tell about the oktoberfest weekend we had in Munich with friends, started writting also but due to some cut n paste, lost everything i wrote.. so next time.. some hot news from the Wiesn.

Till then.. peace for all

Friday, September 30, 2005

The Day Has Come

Hey everyone
I have been willing to write something for a while too, but I am clueless about writting blogs. Actually i wasted some time looking into Google for blogging, but useless. It seems like for personal reasons they are just thoughts. I still don't know how to write them but its a start, so on this "not so sunny" Sunday of Sept. 18 in Munich, here is something which I am still clueless about. (reminds me of song from Green Day - Wake Me Up when September ends)
Its still a bit weird for me to be here in Munich after being so long in Princeton, & I'm also still in jetlag, sleeping at 5 AM and waking up at 1 PM. I gotta break it up next week or so. ;-). Specially I miss the princeton weather, its so f&*&*% cold here right now,:-| BUT, one thing, Munich is heaven for meeting friends from princeton, i already met so many of them, thats pretty awesome. And offcourse OKTOBERFEST, it started yesterday and I'm looking forward to next weekend for Big Princeton Reunion Party in Munich, hope to see some of you there.
ok enough for now, it was just a start, i don't know what else to write n whether it makes sense ;-) , but hope i can continue and improve it in coming weeks or months.
At last, for friends who r in princeton, just wanna say that "I Miss You All"
Enjoy ur week :-)