Friday, October 14, 2005

I am feeling nice today

Since last few weeks, i was bit depressed and not really happy (really, even though you saw some nice funny crazy pics from Oktoberfest, but still from within i was not so in party mood) as i didn't had work, semester hadn't started, which course to take, what next, no apartment, some other small stuff;

But I am feeling better today, as I got my werkstudent (student job) in the department of my choice at Siemens CT, and also from next week my semester (last sem) is starting and I'm looking forward to my course in Mathematical Models in Biology, I might take some other class too in data mining or related. Ah one thing which i haven' started yet is writing my Master Thesis, will start sooooooon; I have a meeting with my Prof. next week. Lot of things to do next week. Also I finally bought my books for GRE n Toefl and started preparation too :-)

Now I feel more relaxed due to work, also my bank account would be in much happier state and I feel like doing things in best way possible; and get in the working routine..

Just wanna share some happy moments too

Happiness for All my near and dear ones :-) :-)


Silvi said...

*juuuuhuuuu* same here - finally the weather turned and its really nice and sunny here in New Zealand. Still cold and windy, but soooooo beautiful - it's breathtaking. I just went to the beach for lunch with a health science lady from here. It was amazing! And I found my new summer location:
isn't that nice? ;)
ok so finally silvi likes new zealand like everybody else, I already was afraid that I am a weird kind of species which does not understand beauty in nature and sheeps ;).

Miss you guys and see you soon in Munich or somewhere in the US!

small-M said...

hey silvi, thats good to hear that you are finally enjoying urself there, and your summer location is awesome, very beautiful.. Can I join for holidays too :L
tk and enjoy.. yeah see u soon