Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tuesday Movie Night

tonight we went to see HP4 - Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire and I (others too) fully enjoyed the whole 3 hours of it, pretty nice with all the visual effects and driven nicely with the story and characters. The movie has it dark side and more emotional than previous versions. However there is humor n life too. Specially as harry and his friends move to adolescence, with all encounters with gals, one area which HP movies haven't touched yet, they now face the real life chalange of handling girls ;-)) but its all nicely acted with some funny sequences.
Also there is one sequence of the ball, where everyone has to dress nicely, have a partner n dance, pretty cool specially the way Prof McGonagall describes the event, delightfully, as "an evening of well-mannered frivolity". Must see.. the characters have grown up, so has their sense of humor. Also Quidditch World Cup in the start is cool and lots of others sequences.. :-))
May be in later half, the movie folds a bit quickly and soon you have Dark Lord Voldemort (reminded me of Darth Vader and all the dark things ;-)), but we have to expect more of him in next movie, so short entry seems ok too.

A Must See :-)).. so enjoy

Heute - Merkel Tag - Germany's First Women Chancellor

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