Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Little Space" - I am 1 month old

its 30th October today, time flyin (day light saving ends today, one more hour to write or sleep).. and its been a month now since i started this blog, I am one month old now *cheers* and I am totally addicted to it somehow, if i don't see it once a day, my day is incomplete ;-).. also reading some random blogs too *g*; its fun (when you hav time offcourse)

But i really feel a lot better (ok talkin to claudi is even better than this) when i write something on it, feels like i have to take care of someone (atleast virtually) and tell IT what i felt like... Sometimes it gets really lonely (i know i hav lots of good n caring friends) but still sometimes, and during that it helps too,... atleast it seems like this to me after this month

Since then, i blogged some random thoughts of mine to you all, and have this stat counter and just wanna share the summary of it :-) (i know i am getting crazy with it).. anyhow thanks for reading it, if someone does :-))...
Peace n Love for all

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