Friday, September 30, 2005

The Day Has Come

Hey everyone
I have been willing to write something for a while too, but I am clueless about writting blogs. Actually i wasted some time looking into Google for blogging, but useless. It seems like for personal reasons they are just thoughts. I still don't know how to write them but its a start, so on this "not so sunny" Sunday of Sept. 18 in Munich, here is something which I am still clueless about. (reminds me of song from Green Day - Wake Me Up when September ends)
Its still a bit weird for me to be here in Munich after being so long in Princeton, & I'm also still in jetlag, sleeping at 5 AM and waking up at 1 PM. I gotta break it up next week or so. ;-). Specially I miss the princeton weather, its so f&*&*% cold here right now,:-| BUT, one thing, Munich is heaven for meeting friends from princeton, i already met so many of them, thats pretty awesome. And offcourse OKTOBERFEST, it started yesterday and I'm looking forward to next weekend for Big Princeton Reunion Party in Munich, hope to see some of you there.
ok enough for now, it was just a start, i don't know what else to write n whether it makes sense ;-) , but hope i can continue and improve it in coming weeks or months.
At last, for friends who r in princeton, just wanna say that "I Miss You All"
Enjoy ur week :-)


Anonymous said...

hey I have read it on your MSN blog! so u gotta land on this blog not update in MSN blog anymore? ok I'm gonna come around from times to times and wait for next photo w/o glasses ;^)

*p a e'

small-M said...

Hey, yeah i am not gonna update MSN n yahoo anymore!!
I forgot to mention it on MSN,