Monday, October 10, 2005

Wiesn - 3

First Song By the Band - 12:01 PM

After 8:45 AM in the line outside the tent (ah i forgot to mention this: so the official time when the door opens is 9 AM and we were their at 8:30 AM and we waited outside for half an hour and as soon as we entered the tent at 8:55 AM, guess what, the entire place was already filled with people [5000] and I hav no clue how that happened, but anyhow we managed to get a table)

& 9:30 breakfast, talking n more talking and some more crazy things (i can't remember exactly what we did between 10 and 12),

The music starts only after 12 in afternoon,

Finally the band started playing at 12:01 PM, and the first song and we were on table.. uuhuuuuu

More to come !!

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