Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday evening rain is falling - 2

Before reading this - read "Sunday evening rain is falling" post :-)

Actually this weekend (starting friday evening), i felt really "stupid" of myself; everything which was happening was making me feel that, its difficult to explain the whole thing, but i felt that!!

The weekend turned "a bit" interesting due to Grace, otherwise most people are not in Munich and those who are are busy,

We (me n grace and some siemens friends of hers) went to play Billards or Pool on friday evening, i don't know the difference between the two, even though i hit some good shots as per my standards in the 3 games we played, but it was still "stupid", it was funny also some sense ;-) but i am really bad at it, but i never played it seriously too; i wanna go bowling next time, grace???????

Oh, i must tell this, saturday weather, awesome, just awesome: warm, sunny, no wind, beautiful tree color of fall. Its diffcult to get this in Munich (as its raining now ;-|)
But our Saturday plans went downhill as stefan backed out (no vodka), so spent the evening chatting on skype (didn't even feel like studying) with ... guess who?? grace and due to some influence from karl, we decided to go and see Double Feature. First time i saw movie after coming back, that too 2 in a row, ;-) (and second time in Munich in a theater)

Movie Review (worth reading ;-)) :
So the first movie was, The Flight Plan, I saw the trailors for it in US (did I tell you, i love watching trailors before the movie starts in the theater); so finally I watched. The movie starts pretty nicely with all the suspense n thrill. Jodie Foster is good. Even though in some reviews, they said the ending was not good, but we liked it. I mean it was not a supernatural thriller movie so the ending was quite good even though it had some loop holes in the sense that the base of the whole conspiracy was not very clear.. not going in too details as some of you might not have seen it yet, but if you have some time to spare, watch it.

Ok, the second movie, before grace told me about the double feature thing, i never heard about this movie before and I just had a brief look at imdb for it, Rating 7.5. Its called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,

staring Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan. This movie is "...awfully entertaining..."; The one liners; hard-boiled dialogue and drop dead attitute is totally hilarious. Its witty & smartly written comedy. I can remember one where Val kilmer tell Downey jr. "Sleep bad and if any problem, hesitate to call me" and jr. tries to explain the grammar about bad, (badly instead of bad). I could totally relate to Downey Jr. role of being "stupid" in the whole movie ;-).. But the movie is worth seeing, ok the plot is a bit weak, but don't follow the plot, its clear by the end, just go along the ride, you will def. like it and there are lots n lots of funny scenes. I totally RECOMMEND it, Great Film and Great Performance and if someone still doens't like it, i wud like to know why??

Enjoy the movies!!

So that was it, "stupid" but nice weekend :-)

Till next time, enjoy.. I shud study for toefl now, take care evryone


Felix said...

dude, you should watch "Constant Gardener"! We've seen that movie 2 weeks ago in UA on Rt. 1. Awesome!

small-M said...

looks like nice movie, but still not released here,
Wud def. see it!!