Wednesday, February 22, 2006

From CT

I know, haven't blog'd for a while now but life is monotonous.. & the exams dates are also still not decided.. so its just:
Home -> Work -> Home

Peace -V-

Sunday, February 12, 2006

GMail - First Sign of Annoyance

ok, since google announced this chat n mail merger; the gmail interface has started to annoy me a bit; I mean its still cool but the new stuff they introduced is kinda annoying me, like
1) the pop up whenever my mouse moves over any name anywhere on the screen and shows me options about mail n chat n other; please i know what to do and no need to show options everytime for un-necessary stuff
2) secondly its a mail program; not a chat machine; it is great option but somehow its annoying me and make me feel like its a chat program now and instead of sending mail, lets chat :-) but its not possible always, which is a good, :-)).. hope i get over this and get used to it
Please let's keep it SIMPLE.. (for the time being, i hav disabled all of them and stick'd to the old version without annoying pop-ups & chat)
3) Finally, not related to gmail but Google Desktop 3, which has this feature where they make copies of the documents indexed so that they can be shared or searched over different machines; Beware people, it can make your private documents "not so private". But Gott sake, its an option and not by default.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Starting TODAY

my new short-term fotografi blog starts Today, i haven't decided exactly what pics i wud be posting on it; but def. it wud be "Munich" pics ;-).. so enjoy

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Destinations: Taj Mahal; Monkey Room; Schall und Rauch; The Atomic Cafe

as you all knw, i am done with the thesis submition, and NOW back to my blogsphere; even thou after the whole week of sleepless nights, we decided to go out and celebrate a bit: me, gr, rj, br, gr (keine deutsche)
Normally i don't write abt food and resturants; further i don't trust the Indian Res. here, they are ok, but most of times, I don't like going to them. But we still end up going to them, so our friday evening celebrations started with going to an Indian Res. called "Taj Mahal" in an unknown corner of Munich, took more than hour to reach there and i was totally sure that its gonna be same exprience as always, and the board outside said "neugeƶffnet", newly opened :-|.. we went in, nice decor, good service, got seated, ordered drinks and appetizers, and then food, and i MUST say the food was AWESOME, and I def. recommend everyone in Munich to visit the place; its not very expensive; xtrmly-good service; and Good Food.
Next, we decided to meet up at our actual decided destination, called "Monkey Room" in "schwabing" city centre; again treated with excellent decor, but the lounge room was closed (strange for friday evening), but we decided to stay there for while as some friends were hungry. And as per there recommendation now, the food was again xtrmly good; we already had eaten too much, i cud hardly finish my drink; Here is the second recommendation for the day, visit the place, they have 1-4 course meals, but worth trying.
Finally, gr joined us, but we had decided to move to more crowded place (as there were very few monkeys in Monkey Room); & everyone now knows i totally s*** in making decision about where to go next; after discussing all possibilties we ended up in a bar on next street, called "Schall und Rauch" - sound and smoke, actually i hav passed this place hundred times but never been there and its always packed to death anytime of the day; but we managed to got hold of corner in there; with the f$%&§$ heater under the seats. No drinks, i was still full with the good indian food. We stayed there for while, good music and quite fun, but there was not single good bare back in there; and in the end this guy who was checking either br. or rj. totally; its was f*%&*$ hilarious; anyway he was disappointed and left. Nothing to recommend but ok place.
Gr. left, but we were still not done; so we headed for our final destination, "The Atomic Cafe", never been there but it has quite good reviews from everyone, pretty good atmosphere´in there, some nice bare´s; f*%$&? good music, but didn't stay long, and decided to call it a night; i was totally out by then..
So thats the four recommendations for everyone in Munich to check out;

enjoy the weekend
ANNOUNCEMENT: Since i am back, from tomorrow, I am starting a special one month long (5th Feb to 5th Mar); "trivialspace-fotografi"; special foto blog on Munich; n Xtra Stuff

Thursday, February 02, 2006

LIVE from TU-Garching

I handed the thesis to my Prof. just now (5:30 PM, CET) and after a week of sleepless nights n days, its finalized and submitted :-)).. Rest is on him ;-)
I'm a bit relieved now, still have to prepare for my exams before I can be graduated in coming months.
Hope all of you are doing good; i will reply to the emails sent to me in last weeks asap;..