Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday Blues

I woke up this morning
sun shining in my window, but behind the snow clouds
And there ain't no combination, ain't no need to go oustide
I cud think of going for work, but ain't no need

so here i am feeling "fuolen" the monday blues

yesterday night i dreamed of you
visited the place with you, "under the tree in your street"
the feeling was strange even thou i was with you
never thought i wud dream of you

can't imagine you never felt this way
and can still make me dream of you
No, I never wanna fall in love with you
still i am falling in it without you

Wish i could change my love to hate her
Wish i could make her change my mind
Wish i could sleep without her
Wish i could i find my space in her

Everything seems to be burried in the snow
Everything seems pleasing to eyes
Everything seems to bluff my mind
Everything will change as it melts down

just for me, just the words of music which i listen, nothing to wonder - Mo.

1 comment:

small-M said...

just was reading it again, and thought if the personal pronoun 'I' is that necessary in it or not...