Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Workout

hola everyone
its been snowing here the whole weekend, and -3 C, isn't it warm, def. reason to make one warm.. the weekend was kinda ok, saturday we (me, sil, cluadi) went to Karl's student organisation party, it was nice, met Hans n Brandy n lots of bavarians :-) ..

heute war es Ikea tag (Today was Ikea day)
i went to sil new apartment to help her out with moving in and stuff. As i reached there, she was busy painting walls to white.. and then we painted one of the walls to RED, cool color (with white stripes in between, looks coool), ok i didn't really painted as I didn't had the right clothing for it, but as it was my first time (sil n I always somehow end up doing things together for first time ;-)), i jst put tapes around corners n sheets. And then the big ikea arrangement, she had this big white furniture (don't know howz it called), and if u have bought ikea stuff, sometimes it can be fun to play with it while putting everything in right place, so we started out, after a while realized ok its not gonna fit, screwed out half of it, rearranged, put each piece of bloc (12 small pieces) one by one, while trying to hold the structure together, kicking the small small pieces of wood to hold the pieces together, jumping all over, going all around, pushing in n out, holding the structure, and what not.. but finally it was perfect.. but we were kinda afraid to put it straight, didn't wanted it to fall over.. but again as it was ikea product, it stood up and now enjoys its new lease of life.. the point is buy ikea furniture and invite friends over for a fun day of workout.. ah in between we had McDonalds food (its better here than in US, really) and a nice coffee... thats it!!!!

If you want to make sense it has to come from silence - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Silvi said...

*smile* - yaa thanks to Mohan's enthusiasm I didn't loose my trust into STUPID Ikea furniture...

tell you, never buy this cute looking white shelf - it's devilish, it jsut wants to make fun of you and demonstrate how stupid you are when you try to put it together with hundreds of small wooden pieces.. and finally when you think you have THIS THING together, you realize that you put it together the wrong way and everything starts again....
but still, thanks to Mohan it was a lot of fun and I can just recommend this to everybody who has to get rid of some annoying thoughts, buy some Ikea furniture and play for one day - you will forget about your problems very soon :).

PA said...

Good ol' Ikea! It's really a nice experience to assemble Ikea: you have to let out the right amount of animal in you (because it never fits) but not go overboard (because it's fragile).