Saturday, October 29, 2005

delhi shook

Its only a few days ahead of the upcoming, one of the most important and celebrated, festival in India called Diwali or Deepavali or Row of lights or Festival of Lights. And the weekend was buzzing, with people doing shopping, enjoying the festivities, meeting friends and relatives..

Today in the evening, a series bomb explosions shook New Delhi, and lot of people died and more injured. The explosions took place in some of the busiest shopping areas of Delhi where "common" people doing their shopping for the season, one of explosion was near to my college where I did my bachelors studies.

A lot of people wait for this time of year to do their shopping and enjoy the time, but with these explosions the spirit of the people have gone down, its really a blow to the spirit of the festival season. I was pretty sad after hearing the news, as I have seen and been at those places and after the explosions, it must be terrifying.

I was also bit panicked to hear about it as my family n friends are there and I frantically tried to call people directly from my cell phone, and for half an hour no cellphone of my brother (he has 2 of them); family friends, friends; nothing connected and no-one picked up home phone too. Tried several time, and finally it connected and I was relieved to hear all safe message from them.

Blessed be everyone

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear that everybody of your friends and family is fine!