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Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Wonderful Christmas. Best Wishes.

Image Courtesy : chopeh

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Notre Dame de Paris HDR

Notre Dame de Paris HDR
Originally uploaded by Mohan S

Most recent work of HDR. Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Most of the other images of the cathedral weren't very good, and with so many tourists its quite hard to get a decent shot. But I like this HDR one most, as it brings out the character of the place much better.

Office Twister

Frm N95

MLG Secret Santa

Frm N95

2nd Floor - irish coffee-gluhwien

Frm N95

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Irish coffee shoppin

Secret santa comin to town
Frm N95

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Mobile Accessible

Recently I was looking for blogger blogs to be viewed on mobile phone but they don't have such a setting. By google'ing, came across this post, link, which shows "how-to" access your or other blogger sites in mobile phones.

If you wanna access this blog via a mobile: Click Here and Bookmark it.

Probably, you need to have google account as it uses Google reader.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

10 Apps for N95

in no particular order:

10. YouTube mobile - comes with v20 of the firmware

9. Nokia Maps with GPS - comes with v20 of the firmware

8. Google Maps -

7. Gmail client -

6. Fring

5. Yahoo Go!

4. Location Tagger

3. Share Online - inbuilt

2. Step Counter

1. Mail-to-Blogger / Shozu (if it suits you)

Check out Image No. 9

Thinking Design

Tulip prices fall by 99%! Are we there yet?

Mebbe its just me, but until last year, all these corporation which are going bust were making BILLIONS of dollars in profits and now they can't afford a few millions. Who's to blame?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nokia N95 + Blogger + Post Pictures

Got a mobile phone, + Wifi or 3G; but how to post images to Blogger. In the end it turned out to be quite simple but it still took a week to find the best way to get my mobile pictures to blogger.

The first method I tried was Shozu. Even thou, its one of best mobile software I found for posting to various ervices together, it didn't really solve my posting problems. I configured blogger but when it posted pictures, it also posted a tiny shozu logo image along with it - which sucks and also the image didn't scale properly, too small. Mebbe there are some settings to solve these 2 issues but I couldn't get it working. Hence shozu was out.

The second method was to use Lifeblog service provided by Nokia. Worse part, it has no settings to post to Totally useless you might think. There is a work around for it, link: post to blogger, basically you use the flickr settings for lifeblog and configure your blog in flickr and post directly to your blog and flickr also. The reason it turned useless for me was it was also posting the image to flickr and I didn't wanted to post camera images on flickr all the time. If you don't mind that, its pretty good.

Then I tried using Blogger Mobile, it looked good but somehow I couldn't get it working for me. Mebbe becoz of proxy, not sure!!

Finally, I configured my email account on the phone for emails. And setup Mail-to-Blogger under Settings -> Email and you can make a private email account and just send the pictures taken from phone to the specified email address with 'Title of post' in the 'Subject line' and if you wanna add info, just write like an email. Hit send and its done. And it also scales the image in decent size.

Going Mobile

Recently, I got a new phone, Nokia N95 8Gb, its actually given to us as a part of research work being done in the field of social-ubiquitous computing in CASL, for the clarity group. I have been meaning to buy a new phone for quite some time now, my previous O2 windows mobile smart phone was a piece of s***.

I have heard/read about N95 but never tried myself. Ok, its not an iPhone, iPhone just kills every other brand out there in the user interface and web browsing exprience. But it lacks a lot of phone features which nokia has mastered over the years, without going into details of it.

Important thing for me, it has a 5MP camera + Wifi (without getting billed for data), which gives me more opportunities to shoot images and post it direcly from the phone or just post from mobile, even thou writting a post is quite a task from phone keyboard, hence I would be posting lot more image going around me.

First mobile post

Dublin's 'energy efficient 100,000 LED' xmas tree designed by french firm Blachere.
Frm N95

Saturday, November 08, 2008


just wanna drop a line

work is keeping me super busy

more next week

Friday, October 24, 2008

More Images from Delhi

2008-10-18 Dilli 024 copy

The Central Shopping District - Cannaught Place "CP"

2008-10-17 Dilli 009

Spicy "Indian" Chinese Food and its vegetarian 

2008-10-20 India Gate, Old Delhi 023

India Gate - The War Memorial

2008-10-20 India Gate, Old Delhi 034  Amar Javan Jyoti2008-10-24 Gurgaon 014

The new high rise residential complexes in Gurgaon - satellite town of Delhi.

Delhi Traffic

2008-10-20 India Gate, Old Delhi 003

I am totally overwhelmed by the traffic in Delhi. Even thou' I am not driving, just sitting n watching it makes me tired and bit afraid also. The traffic is just too much all the time and everywhere and worst part, people crossing n passing from any direction they find n not following the laws. One can't blame one person or another for the mess as everyone seems to be doing it, be it either bus drivers, trucks, vans, auto-rickshaws or cars. The best part of the transportation in Delhi seems to be Delhi Metro, a lot of it is still under construction but everything associated with it, works seamlessly. Am already looking forward for next visit, hopefully by then most major routes would be completed.

2008-10-20 India Gate, Old Delhi 012

Old Delhi, ok this one is the extreme case as its the old part of delhi which is already very congested.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Images from India, Delhi

Red Fort, Delhi
Red Fort, Old Delhi
THE Kebab Shop - Khan Chacha
The Kebab Shop in Delhi called Khan Chacha, they were just mouthwatering
Indian Religious Bull
A bull decorated with beads, for the Saturday God
Rickshaw's - Quick n Fast
A Richshaw Driver

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wah Taj

"Wah" is a Hindi word meaning wow or great. And Wah Taj is a commonly used phrase for description of Taj Mahal. And I once more had a chance to visit it. Here are some the pics:
6 AM at the Taj Mahal. Drove from Delhi at 1 AM at night just to see sunrise at the taj.
Wah Taj
Taj glowing with the morning sun rays
Glowing Taj
Taj 'Sunrise' Mahal
Rising Sun
Rising Sun

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Delhi Flicks

Delhi Policemen watching the Fireworks during Dussehra (due to bomb blasts, there was lot of security, everywhere I take my camera, they are checking me even more.. contd.)
In short - the festival commemorates the victory of Rama, prince of Ayodhya and avatara of Vishnu, over Ravana, the ruler of Lanka who had abducted Rama's wife, Sita Devi. The pics shows the effigies of Ravana in center and his 2 brothers on both sides.
Burning of Ravana, victory of good over evil
Dussehra - Indian Burning Man
Moving on too, more common things in delhi, Malls, there is one every mile suppose.. this is one of the biggest and its just 10 min. walk from my home. And there is an Irish pub also in it, called Geoffrey's, atleast the decor was Green :) with some old high school songs being played, it was fun. And contd. my camera story, the security were almost like not letting me take the camera inside. But I did :)
Mall - pretty nice
And even an oktoberfest band with beer and food, all in one :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

First Images from Delhi, India

Some shots of Durga Puja in C.R. Park, Delhi (as usual wikipedia can give you all the information about it, click here).
Goddess Durga
There was lots of security around, even army, due to last weeks of bombing in Delhi and other parts of India.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Namaste from Delhi - Creating Employment

Its so good to be home. I need to plan my trips more often and shorter. So much has changed in Delhi, for good n bad. Today was Dussehra or Vijayadashami, the triumph of good over evil (wikipedia), I'll post some pics soon.

For the second part - Creating Employment, we went to have some dinner n drinks at a Bar and as we arrived, there was vale parking, all good. While returning, the parking lot was empty and we could see our car just 15-20 steps away but we still got the car driven all the way to us by the vale guy (not sure what's it called). It just felt bit off as we cud see the car few meters away but still the vale guy got the car. With cheap labor comes new work opportunities.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Flickr Fav Dump

Some of my recent flickr favorites. Hope everyone having a good September. Don't let the financial mess get you down :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back in Dublin

Louvre Reflection, originally uploaded by Mohan S.

This is my favorite shot from the entire French n Paris trip, taken without a tripod and a shiny new background for my PC (without walls) screen.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bonjour from Ile de Re

Been a while since I posted. I am currently attending a Summer School (for Machine Learning) in Ile de Re, an island on the south-west coast of France. Weather has been not as good as I expected but still quite nice n warm. Tried some local Pino (combination of cognac n grape juice, bit sweet) also, quite good. Am not able to upload pics, the wifi connection is extremely slow. More from Paris next week.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Just now, I came across a neat website called wordle which lets you create word/tag clouds from rss feeds, or any text. Check out the wordle for my blog.

title="Wordle: My blog"> src=""
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd">

Friday, August 15, 2008

South-West - Truely Gorgeous

Following up on my traveling around Ireland series, this time we went to the South-West of Ireland. To read about previous road trips, check posts To The West and To North-West. The maps of our drive was as follows:

We first went to Limerick on the way to Dingle Peninsula, drove around peninsula, back to Dingle, towards Kilkee crossing river, following day to Cliffs of Moher and finally Galway and back to Dublin.

As I have said it in previous posts also, my love for Ireland just keeps growing everytime I visit anything outside Dublin :)

Some highlights of trip, if someone wanna do similar.
  • Limerick was great, but it was raining so we cudn't manage to see much but still in between sun n rain patches, we managed to see the castle and church. The best part, food was way cheaper than Dublin and we enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee and home made scones for less than 12 euros for 3 people.
  • Normally, people go to Ring of Kerry. But we decided to go to Dingle Peninsula. The only thing I knew of it was the famous Dolphin called Fungie, which we off-course saw the next day.
  • Dingle is just gorgeous, no words can explain it. It was not the best weather, but atleast it was not raining with some sun shining once in a while and we drove all along the peninsula, its probably one of the most beautiful drive in Ireland I have taken. Also lots of prehistoric sites to see, the landscape is out of world :) and also visited the west most point of Ireland, "The Basket Islands", which comprises of 7 islands. We went to the edge of one of the islands and it was soo soo coool. Unmissable.
  • We then drove back to Dingle and passed Connor Pass, it was bit overcast by then, so we didn't stop but it looked very tempting to have a walk. But we needed to cross the river by ferry to go across and didn't wanted to take the long road route. So we had to hurry up and we drove to Tarbert and got the ferry to Woodview (see map here for more close up route)
  • And drove to a small town of Kilkee.
  • Following day, we had nice breakfast in Kilkee, nice sunny day, drove to Cliffs to Moher (second of the many time probably I will visit this spot).
  • The last stop was Galway city, which was much much better than I expected. Nice, small town city like feeling. Def. not to miss.
And ah, don't worry about accommodation, there are so many B&B's and non-breakfast places, we never had to book anything, just go to one n spend the night.

I would be posting the pictures slowly on flickr, Have a look here.

Some collage shots:
Limerick n Irish Highways
Fungie, Dingle Peninsula
Drive along Dingle peninsula, Landscape
Flying High on the west most point in Ireland, The Basket Islands
Kilkee, Cliffs of Moher n Galway City