Monday, November 14, 2005

look what i found

while sorting some old data folders, i found some pencil sketches from my childhood, thought u guys might wanna have a look /:
cudn't rotate it (does anyone know how to rotate it in here)
oh this was fun, this was view from my study table and i did this instead of studying ;-).. i like the banana tree outside window
just some random sketching
"still painting"
"oil painting"

(may be i shud start again but no time.. but sometime in future)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mohan,
your drawings are great. You should really start again. We already talked about that last time me have met, remember!? Will see who starts first..........;)
xxx, Claudi

Anonymous said...

ya, i do remember.. its still far.. but we'll see :-) or may be together :-))
ciao, Mo.

minos said...

WOW! Not bad!!
cu, Thomas