Friday, October 07, 2005

Going to Bollywood

Photograph By: Grace
Somthing's fishy in me ;-)..
I don't hav many pics (actually none) without glasses,
So shud I give Bollywood a try????

Thanks Grace :-)


Winy said...

Mohan, the James Dean of India!

stranger said...

I guess you have to learn to sing and to dance. Maybe I'm wrong but there are just two main actors in Bollywood and in the end the guy gets always the good looking girl, right?

To speak with the words of Roxette: He's got the look. What in the world can make a brown-eyed boy turn so blue?

Anonymous said...

do it! but let's make up a bollywood-princeton-dance ;o) remember the movie at our first crazy monday, my friend!!!

hugs!!! kat

Anonymous said...

yeah, i can't forget that evening :-))
Michael Wels mailed me that after that evening he is addicted to that movie, seen 4 times more,


Anonymous said...

Kat, we should definitely invent a dance!! I am addicted to that movie too!!! Missing crazy mondays...

Besets, Laura

small-M said...

i will try to get a DVD for it and send it to our Dance Team,

till then, keep singing n dancing