Monday, May 22, 2006

Anonymous Mention

I am getting the returns of spending my time on blogosphere :-), the other day Peter from Blogger for Dummies or Tips n Tricks left a thank you note for linking to his blog. And yesterday, i got my first very own anonymous post by someone anonymous too on Reflexionzzz... by Dexter :-), it was an anonymous post looking anonymously for ME :-). A new way of getting to know interesting people, and I am enjoying my time on blogosphere.

And, following up on my last post for blog or not to, another one of our Munich Co. (actually its mo&co@muc) has started her blog, a dear friend of mine, so here it is Liale Blogs; And she started with a bang ;-) about her article on Sinnbefreit or why do we blog? And also you can read my longest ever comment on her second article which when I read again made no-sense to myself, but now its there "Goal or Sinn Lets ask Homer". Stop by!!

Can someone help me find a flight from Munich to Eindhoven?? Surprisingly I couldn't find one, there are just no connections to Eindhoven, hard to believe, but the closest is Brussels or some strange connection by Air France to E. costing 2000 Euros and taking 12 hours :-)

New Read: Kafka on the Shore - Very interesting start, lets see where it takes me!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

being more "sinnbefreit" by Sil.

Oh oh, wat a match.. whether you watched or missed the finals of Champions League Match today between FC Barcelona vs. FC Arsenal, it was a terrific game, with FC Barcelona winning. They dominated the game from the beginning, truely deserved to win; Even thou' they were trailing by 1 goal in the first half, never short of spirit and attacks, which finally led to 2 goals in 14 minutes in the second half, perfectly executed... great, i think the game got my spirits up for the World Cup.

Since last week, we (gr., sil. & hr) were having discussion about whether to start blog's or not (those of us who don't have it). Even thou' sil. started the whole thing, and offcourse the credit goes to her or in her own words: "what a feeling to encourage other peeople - think this will be my life destiny and a first step to realize my future plan: being more "sinnbefreit""; one of the others has a new blog, which I would like to introduce here, its by Grace - Friendster blog doesn't seem to have name - CHECK IT OUT, HERE ; in her words: "it's not the least bit intelligent, whimsical, original or classy" but I think, it will become all these as it grows.. great start :-)

f*&$ - my game CD is not working!! i drove the bike 2 hours to n fro to get it!! damn
New Read: Freakonomics - its all about data!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

US President ~ Oprah

While reading my daily dose of blogs, there was an interesting article on Predicting the Next President - Dilbert Blog , a good collection of candidates who might never win or may be, who knows. But the thing which caught my attention was a comment on the article by some anonymous commenter called jakesdad, an excerpt -

... if Oprah decides to formally endorse Hillary it's all over. she (Oprah) is like "mom" from futurama with the robots - one day she's going to use her weight (pardon pun) to tell her minions to do her bidding... my wife, whom I do love, would dutifully march off a cliff w/o giving it a 1st thought (despite her masters degree) if that were the topic of an Oprah show.

that woman's influence is scarry - ....

(full read - the second comment on the article)

Funny!!, but she has this huge following of ardent fans, who might do anything ;)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Top 10 Reasons

Since I'm on job hunt these dayz and also reading some related blogs like Microsoft Technical Careers, Job Syntax, Being Bold Career, etc.; came across a post on Top 10 reasons by Zoe & Gretchen:

- Why You're not finding a Job and
- Why employers have hard time hiring good talent;

I am not sure in which category I am gonna fall or have already fallen (its been only a month since I seriously started hunting), is it that the employers can't find me or I am not able to find the right job with the right prospects.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Apple Marketing - Reality Check

Apple marketing campaigns are fun, check out the new Apple's Get Mac Ads. They are pretty nicely done, or should I say cleverly done, but not sure how correct they are. One things Apple missed to mention is that "You have to be rich to love n own a Mac". But worth watching. Watch out Apple, hope Microsoft hits back with some Ads of their own.

Also, check Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki about a new VoIP (yes another one of those hot VoIP startups) service by JaJah . Pretty neat web-based telephony service is offered by Jajah using normal phones unlike Skype. Worth a few points. But Skype also has a new Beta version with lotsa new features & with their market share size, similar service would be out anytime. Till then its good service for people like me who still don't have a headset and have soaring mobile phone bills.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Back-up your blog

since last week, i am bit more careful of my blog, I don't want it to disappear or get messed up due to some unknown reasons!!

Article on how to back up your blog !! Save it !!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm Back

After the template disaster last week, I decide to give my blog the much needed make-over and here it is, up and running in all its glory :-)

PS: Save your blog templates!!