Monday, January 29, 2007

No Matter What

yeah, no matter what, vista is gonna kick ass :))

Read it HERE

25 Million Indian Rupees

wish i had won ;-), thats the money won by Shilpa Shetty in Celebrity BB

Hopefully everyone knows Shilpa Shetty by now due the HUGE controversy the Celebrity Big Brother house created in last few weeks for its racial comments. I am not going in the discussion of racial or not. At that time, I told my friend, She is gonna win this thing and that too by huge margin. And that what happened. So much in the name of reality TV.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Road Trip

Just a few pics, more on flickr ->
You shud know this :)
Milan Castle
As I mentioned earlier, the beautiful settings of Lake Como and Belagio. For recent ref., the latest Bond movie, was shot here, when he was recovering from enjuries :)
So what, if we cudn't skii, there was HOOOOTERS in Interlaken. We (not me) had like a 30 chicken wings at 1 AM in morning, after dinner n several beers. Jao is unbeatable in it.
Here is Jao, I bet he is unbeatable in eating Chicken Wings, I hav never seen anything like that. After dinner, and several beers, he had like 2 dozen chicken wings. And imp. thing - didn't throw up ;)
Once more Jao, somewhere along Lake Como, in summer this place wud be un-matchable
Small incident/accident in swiss, actually both are side view mirrors were hit by the time we finished the road trip :))
Thats it..

French Honour

Not for me, but one day it will be.
But untill then, yesterday "Amitabh Bachchan was awarded France's highest civilian honour, the Legion d'Honneur". News Here.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Woh Woh

its been so so long since I wrote something. I feel bad now :))
I do have somethings to tell all, but it has to wait a bit more, so in the mean time, I will say something about Italy.

During xmas, we made a road trip across Austria, Italy and Swiss. Italy was a welcome surprise, I just loved the place, architecture of the cities, culture, more so FOOD, COFFEE and SWEETS & ice cream (best i had). We visited Verona (of the Romeo Juliet fame), Venice (everything I say for this city would be less, Amazing, loved every moment I spent there, def. once again), Milan (highlight was the Leonardo DaVinci's original painting "The Last Supper", the feeling of being in the same room as DaVinci was ...), heading over to Lake Como and Belagio (beautiful settings of the alps and lake, a must visit in summer).

Not to leave, Interlaken and Zurich in Swiss (but no snow) and Innsbruck in Austria were great fun too.

Monday, January 01, 2007

cheers 2007

cheers, originally uploaded by Tsjeu.

Hope everyone had great start to the new year. This was most probably my last New Year in Munich as a resident, off-course I would be back for more :). Its a been a wonderful last few years here. We had a great dinner n celebrations yesterday.. Thanks Silvia, Grace, Herwig n all others for making it very special. 2007 is bringing a change for me, which I would post about soon. Till then, keep it safe and make some resolutions :))