Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday evening rain is falling

it's been long time (is it), don't know if anyone is reading it but still, anyway so here is some review of my week's weak life,
(in short, people who don't wanna read more) oktoberfest is over, no more beer drinking (no vodka either), munich is normal, no free- time, university started, work too, played billards, watched movies....

So the week started pretty nicely, i started my job at siemens and first day at work was pretty easy going, some paper work, no PC to work, enjoyed the big room with a huge window which is shared with 2 more people, but i feel a bit less concentrated, I think i will get used to it soon, Overall it was a good :-)

Finally I woke up at 7 AM in morning (yes i did), for my lecture at the university, it starts at 8:30 AM and it takes me more than 1 hour to reach there, it was a bit strange feeling after being to university after a year again. But the lecturer, she, is nice, young, soft spoken etc. etc.

So the weekdays went quite well with work and lectures and keeping me busy since I am came back, I happy about it :-) and looking for earbuds for my shuffle (travelling by U-bahn, nice to hear some music) but cudn't find any cheap n good ones.

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