Thursday, October 27, 2005

What a f$#%&*# day!!

I am pretty upset today by myself; I really wanted to go and take the lecture at uni today, haven't been last 2 times also, BUT schize, its very bad on my part. Even though it takes me 1 hr and 15-20 minutes to reach my university, from my room and I shud leave home around 7:15 AM, means getting up at 6:45 AM, and worst of all I have to change transportation 4 times, first from my home, take a strasse-Bahn (street train or tram), to next stop, from there a bus to underground train station, take U-train to Garching and then take another bus to finally reach university. But STILL still I shud have gone, I am not gonna miss it next week, and its only twice a week (tuesday and thursday); I HAVE TO GO (ok next tuesday is holiday); I HAVE TO GO (even if I sleep at 2 AM or don't sleep at all or sleep early; No more excuses)

And since i didn't make to uni, the day was almost wasted, didn't do anything, ok read some for exam but otherwise i am very :-|

What else, its not GONNA HAPPEN anymore...

Yesterday, was nice, went to work early, worked and in evening met Claudi for food and drinks and talked about everything, its always nice to meet you claudi :-); but i know i told you i would def. go for lecture, but it didn't worked out, I am sorry :-)

thanks for reading me :-@

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