Thursday, November 10, 2005

Package from Princeton

Day before yesterday, I got my package, a 10 kg UPS box, from Princeton. And i had totally forgotten what did i put in it apart from some mugs, a toy (only 1), few books, and it was no surprise after opening it also, but still here is the list of items (as asked by some of you) :

1. 3 Unused books which i am carrying for past 2 years, u don't wanna knw name..
2. Lots n Lots of CD's: Softwares (all originals); Lots of MP3's (no comments, i don't know how i got them); Lots of old document CD's; some DVD's etc.
3. National Geographic Maps
4. Bills
5. Lots of princeton memories (yeah again, u can't get rid of them easily ;-))
5a. Yodha (the only toy grace & its not a stuff toy :-/) and its speaks also :-).. Thanks Mel
5b. Lots of cards (Sil, Clau, Zac, Home, friends)
5c. Turkish Vocabulary post its (Naber? ; iYiYiM ; Sikildim ; Kasimak)
5d. 3 coffee mugs (never used) - (NS, CDS, Seb)
5e. a $2 check from little g, for our organization called TWO (i'll cash it sometime 'g')
5f. wanna knw more??
6. A nice NY postcard from Zac
7. My laptop bag (which never had a latop inside it)
8. ah 2 more books: Mathematics and the Unexpected (not read) and Da Vinci Code

ok.. thats its.. actually i got some intersting old CD's, will post some things later on from them,

ok.. hope u liked my list of items which i had been waiting for 2 months from princeton.


freundschaft, das its eine seele in zwei koerpern - Aritoleles - or as said by "Poe"

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