Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August - The Farewell Month

Shakespeare said "Farewell, a fair cruelty" and "God knows when we shall meet again". August was quite a month with so many farewells to attend, which keeps reminding that time never stops and life goes on.

Its been a little less than a year that I came back to Munich and was looking forward to it, esp. with so many princeton friends here and also my old gang of uni friends. And offcourse, i had a great time in last few months here.

Actually, it had already started when i moved back here with a lot less old gang of friends. But all of you and lot of others kept it going. Lot of thanks :). So august was just an icing on cake, starting with Srdjee -> Brad -> Felix -> Grace -> Silvia -> Suleman -> Promita -> Raj.

Munich would never be same for me!!

*Good Luck my friends*

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog vs. Quebec City

this is abs. hilarious :))

Update - Sorry the video has been removed from youTube - copyright material :-|

Sunday, August 20, 2006

When to marry??

I have been willing to write it for a while now and everytime thought mebbe its not so important. But i believe it has been kinda leaked (women can't keep things to themselves), so before it spreads like wild fire ;-), the story goes as follows:

Last month, I attended Daniel (from SCR, best employee winner) & Lena Wedding at Heidelberg. It was my first time attending a German Wedding and hence I was looking forward for it and was also looking forward to meet some old friends from SCR (Christoph, Marcela, Jens, Kaz n others). 

I arrived there (Molkenkur at heidelberg castle) around late afternoon, all in sweat, it was an extremely hot and humid day. After getting fresh, I was set to exprience a wonder evening. I met few friends, some chit chat, evening snacks.

After, mebbe 2 hours or so, Lena (the bride) asked everyone for a family n friends picture, so everyone gathered around the entrance to hall, to stress the main point here - I was standing almost at the last step - almost at the end (as you can see from the pic below) - only a few more late commers behind me ;)

The photographer taking few shots, readjusting n so on. I was busy taking some shot for myself too from the back. I was kinda in my own world of snapping pics. During the same time, (i realized this later on) Lena was adjusting the group, asking or telling something and somehow older or married people were no longer in group. And then she threw the bouquet and it hit the groom's father. Which offcourse is kinda not valid as per the tradition.

So you see everything is going, and probably any dumb person can understand it too, but i am still busy with my shots, actually i have several shots of her adjusting, & throwing (on flickr).

I am still at the same position, almost at the end. Then she throws it again and this time, BAMM!! .. it hits me (i am still trying to take a shot) and unintentionally i pick the bouquet and try to give it back. But it was TOO LATE. And suddenly everyone starts clapping n cheering n laughing (see pic below). And I was like, ME, ME, please i don't want so much attention (being probably the only non-german there). I had no clue what to do. So I just stood there and enjoyed the moment. But probably the unmarried girls must have cursed me ;))

Now, the BIG tradition rule - I will, or I should, or I must, or I think, - will be getting married within a year. And everyone came up to me, congratulated me and told me the tradition so many times that I can't forget it anymore.

But as i believed or heard, the bouquet is meant only for unmarried women. But Daniel cleared the doubt by saying in his speech that they have changed the rule for me :)) (Thanks Daniel n Lena)

Here is the ref. pic and you can pretty much see the sequence which i told above:

But not thinking too much - marriage in 1 year *sweating* - I truely enjoyed the moment and was quite entertaining for everyone too :).

Rest in short - it was a great great wedding and i enjoyed myself a lot and best wishes for daniel n lena.

But, the marriage story doesn't end here ....

On the following weekend, i was talking to my mom and was telling her about the wedding & and the bouquet story and marriage in 1 year. Suddenly she interupted and said - "I have something to tell you too".

She said - "I went to a guru or palm reader or astrolger, and showed my birth chart (its a chart made from my place, time & date of birth & shows stars n some stuff like that. And he said that your younger son would be getting married within a year"

As soon as i heard that - i was like WHAT!! REALLY!! Noooooo WAY!!

So both events happened pretty much at the same time in 2 different parts of the world - which pointed to the fact that - marriage in 1 year.

I am not a big believer in all these things but one can't deny them too :-))

One last question remains - TO WHOM??

Friday, August 18, 2006

New Beta Issues

I migrated today to blogger beta. It definitely has a lot of new features and better publishing. Everyone must have read of the plus points. Here are some of the issues which I had to deal as soon as I migrated:
  • I can't use same browser (firefox) now for both my gmail and blogger account; as my blogger account had to be migrated to google account and as I didn't wanted use my primary gmail ID account, hence I transfered it to my blogging account As a result, change browser (IE) everytime I need to blog. Mebbe I will use flock or MS writer.
  • I have noticed that sometimes google product (orkut) doesn't work so well in IE. I always have problem signing in to orkut (google) and now blogger too.
  • Further I have a new age in blogger profile - I AM 250 - GREAT

  • Finally, it seems like they have migrated my account to (which I am sure is different from googlemail one or mebbe not but i shud check it out). Its shows on the dashboard now. I mailed them about it, waiting to hear from them.

Everything else seems to be fine for now!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Chapelle's Show: Keep on Dancing

Let's see who can dance - People of Earth

asians are left out ;-) becoz I think we can dance to anything :)) Cheers

Friday, August 04, 2006

Golden Red Hunter-Jumper

Golden Red Hunter-Jumper, originally uploaded by Isabelle Ann.

ok, last one for today. Look at the grace & strength posed by the horse. Beautiful shot!!


cherry, originally uploaded by gabe.toth.

Another one of my fav.!!

Tangerine Martini

Tangerine Martini, originally uploaded by gabe.toth.

One of my fav. on flickr. What a Great Shot of Martini, love it!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Testing Meebo

In this Web 2.0 thing going on over us, every other day, the feeds give us new start-ups, new tools, n all things to waste more time ;). One thing which came across today, was a Chat Tool called Meebo, and its like doing everything online, no installations required. One can connect to all possible chat engines (yahoo, msn, google, icq) through it, in one window itself.

Futher, it lets you add a small widget to your blog or website, like the one which I put of the right side (just to test)

Ping Me!!
Update (Aug. 5) - REMOVED :), of no use, atleast not my blog. And too many js running.