Sunday, August 02, 2009

DMV thoughts from West Coast

  • Went to DMV last week, it was not as bad as they show in TV/movies :)
  • Glad I went by appointment thou, as the line was just too long.
  • Being CA and home of silicon valley and all other computer stuff, you would expect it to be lot more computerized and all. But the biggest surprise (atleast to me) was the paper-based written exam. Easier for me :) but still paper-based, who does that.
  • Best part - they corrected the exam in 10 sec. (39 questions) - they had a stencil of correct answers to do it.
  • And here is my CA license, as I already had a NJ license (expired), no behind the wheel exam
I need to stay in one country long enough to have a permanent long term license. Gotta do this license thing every time I move. Hopefully will get full Irish license when I get back to Dublin.