Sunday, December 11, 2005

Quick One

Found it on a blog, Check it out, its funny:

Also I was wondering abt somethin, last year while in US, we had a Holiday Party, a Holiday Tree, we had holiday season holidays, why can't it be just called Christmas Holidays, X-mas Tree, I felt that it was kinda controversial and offcourse strange. Are we afraid to call it this way?? Every other festival season is called by its name, so why for x-mas, its holiday season :-//

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Taigraness said...

Because not everyone is Christian and Christmas is essentially a Christian holiday. There are also a significant number of Jews in the US, who don't believe in Christmas and have their own holiday Hanukkah. For me, Christmas is not a religious holiday, as I am agnostic, and I think of it more as holiday to spend time with family and friends and to show your appreciation for each other with gifts.