Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Stories

Part 1: So it started on friday evening with a Glühwein! with silvia in a cosy munich bar and some reading for TOEFL. I can't believe that since the toefl guys changed the test pattern, there are no test dates available in Munich till March 2006. I called them too but no use, she told me to go to London or Amsterdam to give the test. No decision about it yet. Later at night, went to an opening of a print art exhibition of a friend's friend. Again wine! & met some interesting people out there. After that my friend said ok let go to some bar as its friday night, so went to Ulter Simpl, and again wine! and then i realized that i am only drinking and no food for whole day (just coffee n muffin in morning), so went back home at 3 or so, watched Lost (more on it) and slept and man next morning, i was dead, the wine gave a terrible headache n bodypain for half of saturday.

Part 2: Didn't catch saturday morning, woke up at 12 or so, dead, pain, headache, everything - decided to have some food otherwise zip zap zoom.

Part 2a: Lost - Students servers: best thing :-) - Got season 1 of Lost and you all must be aware of the hype, so decided to check it out too. Started pretty nicely and i must admit (have watched 7 episodes till now), its very interesting and nice concept.

Part 2b: Ok, so it was saturday early evening, my phone is contract is running out, so decided to get a new one. At 6, went to Media Markt store, and saw a PDA phone and as some of you know, i wished to had one for sometime now, so cudn't resist and got an O2 XDA Mini ; with windows mobile 2003 SE in Deutsch. Even thou its not a big problem to use it but u see, to get into the details, its bit tough. So i asked the guy if I can get the OS in English and he said its extra 170-180 euro, com'on i didn't pay that much for phone, so i decided to not to. Came back happy with it. Played around with it, nice piece of technology :-) .. But as i told zac "Technology can never be smarter than human".. to be continued...

Part 2c: Now it was 9, again hungry, getting late for Marc Bday get-together, but can't go without eating otherwise Sunday wud be Lost too. So had quick dinner, took tram and a bit late but on time, arrived at Volksgarten ; and the evening turned out to be pretty good with some drinks (not much), And it was bit surprising that everyone turned up ;-), offcourse it was nice to all of them :-)). And had an interesting evening till 2 AM. Went home, server down, no Lost, so played with phone ;.) and over

Part 3: Sunday Morning or Early Afternoon - Now woke with a bit of cough, thought it will go away, so just hanged around, had lunch, no work, talked to mom, dad n bro back home. And it was evening, somehow i can't say at room whole day, have to go out once, so decided to check out the Christmas Market (chriskindlmarkt) at Marienplatz but stupid thing closed at 7 only, its opens till 8:30 other days.

Part 3a: "Technology can never be smarter than human" - So my PDA phone's OS still in German, and no intention to spend 200 euros. So checked out with a friend some forums n stuff. And finally got down to System Level Programming stuff, dealing to HEX files. So we first made the XDA work in USB mode or boot-up mode, made the back-up of german OS from the XDA to a memory chip (if we mess up something, the warranty is not void), opened the HEX file, changed the first 220 bytes of the English version (got it from a friend) with the first 220 bytes of German OS and back to memory chip, boot-up the XDA, and booted it with the new English version of the Windows Mobile 2003 SE Phone Edition. And pecfect, now its in English. yippy!!, ok lost the phone company application suite which they pre-installed but shudn't be a prob to get them too. Its midnight, went back to room n slept, just to know next morning that...

Part 4: Now it was Monday morning, having cold n cough, sick on Monday, what can be worse, no energy to get up, so stayed at home only. Feeling ok now but still it will take 3-4 days to get over it, unless its gets worse, which i hope not..

catch u later all !!


Felix said...

doesn't look like it's boring in Munich. I might join you around Christmas, I'll probably come to Munich for business in the week before!
Gute Besserung!

Mohan said...

yaa, weekends turn out to be better than expected ;-)
Let me know when u r here..

rakesh kay said...

they must probly think of somethin better than "party animal" for does "party-zilla" sound..hey, "party-kong" is cool too!;)

small-M said...

hahaha, party-kong is cool :-))