Sunday, January 06, 2008

Reviews: Does it matter, I got time

So following up on my hibernation time, got to see few movies, and got few random words, in order I saw them
  • The Brave One: Liked it, it has a lot of bang bang, the ending could have been better but overall a nicely crafted movie with good story line. I would say good value for money even thou i watched it off the internet but thats how i watch them anyway.
  • Once: I had forgotten about this one, saw the trailer few months back and last week Grace reminded of it. Its a very nice movie, easy going, charming and very well acted; It is set in Dublin and it has this feel to it in someways of being there, all the time i could feel that its story is so perfect for Dublin. Sometimes you watch movies set in some city like NY, London, Chicago etc. but it never feels like its happening there. Its a romantic drama with indie musical and melody. There is this scene in the start where she has a hover following her thru' the city, so cool :), its a simple story which is very well done and it also has a modern feel to it being set in recent times of Dublin. Def. worth watching and visiting me in Dublin then :D
  • No Country for Old Men: Reviewers are calling it a masterpiece. I am not sure if its a materpiece or not, I would say its brilliant movie with powerful editing, set scenes of wide open spaces, fast paced, no story telling just good movie, its a very American movie i would say. And Javier Bardem as the perfect villian with his f***ing cool air sucking and releasing sort of gun. Thou' at later point, i thought it was bit long and was loosing some interest thou it can probably due the fact that i was watching it in on small screen.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Back to some music.. i like the combination of animation and real actors. It def. has not much of a story line, but if you are getting bored of terrible weather, like I did, its an ok movie to watch, and liked the voices of the chipmunks with their musical talent and dancing. Surely kids will like it.. moving on..
  • Bee Movie: Hmm, i didn't like it that much.. i hated the voice of main Bee :) .. its done by Jerry Seinfeld.. sometimes typical voices can create disturbance :D .. not sure how to put it.. but its kept reminding me of something else. The story is ok too, but i didn't find it funny and its lacking a charm which an animation movie should have like Ratatouille.
  • I Am Legend: Worst movie of the year with a dog in it (with no fault of dog). What the hell .. not scary enough, not furturistic enough, not convinving enough, not surving tale sort of movie enough, actually it had nothing. Plain boring.. Will Smith gotta do something else.
  • Eastern Promises: Good Movie. Russian mob drama set in London. I enjoyed it a lot and actually I liked it better than The American Gangster.


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