Sunday, January 27, 2008

iTouch - First Apple Love n Hate

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Yeah, finally after all these years, I bought an Apple Product and a real MP3 player (thou' it my for my brother, I just opened it a bit to see how it works :D). First Impression, its freaking sleek and brilliantly made (in China :D). I never had a real need to carry a MP3 player, not sure why, hence never got one.

After using it a bit, I still don't see a real use of just a MP3 player for myself. What I really love about this, which made it a fav. of mine, is the user interface and web browsing, it is The best interface on such a small device/screen size. I have a windows mobile PDA for last 2 years and heck I even hate (using hate becoz it cracked my lapton screen once :), its less than hate) using it as a phone, forget about using it for any other use (thou' i don't have a wifi card for it, which makes it a bit more useless). Also in Sony PSP which has a wifi & the screen is brilliant, but the interface is ok, surfing on its in-built browser is just a pain. But Apple got all those things just right in this device. Its great to check emails, browse small pieces of quick information, its quite good in browsing normal webpages too (lacks flash player thou').

Its all not so rosy thou', iTunes, without which this little device won't work, is a messy piece of software for windows atleast (it runs like 4 processes on PC all the time, why?). So my friend got it for me from US, also got the new upgrade for 20 bucks, all good. I sync'd it to my PC here, booom, it won't sync, so I had to reset it, boom again :), sync'd now, but lost all of the new apps and we tried all methods to get them back, but no, iTunes or apple or.. just won't let it happen. What the hell?? It's my PC, my device, my iTunes store, my cc, my purchase, but still i am not allowed to have what I purchased, f***?? Anyway, after trying few days, just gave up. Probably, I need to buy it again here.

The story continues, I like that iTouch has minimal settings for all functions, which is def. a plus, and it just works in most cases too. But suppose, something doesn't works as its suppose too, then you are screwed, so YouTube app. just won't work for me. Wifi works, safari works, I can browse everything, iTunes wifi store works too. But YouTube, it keeps saying "not available" and thats it. What now, there are no settings, nothing, just "not available". What to do? I did check the Apple forums and have tried most stuff, there is not much, no luck. "Not Available" and then!!

So, even thou' the device itself is just great, love the UI and so easy to use and is prefect in most sense's. But the overall cloud surrounding it is a big mess. That's what I think!

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