Saturday, January 26, 2008

Letter Writing on TED

A very Inspiring talk by Lakshmi Pratury on Letter Writing and how this wonderful art is loosing with the new technological advancements like email, IM's etc. etc.. do you remember when the last time you wrote a personal letter or card to someone of some real value (excluding some crap you might have writen which means nothing and the farewell cards we sign every now and then :D), thou' it might be like when I was in high school.

On similar lines, Isabel Allende talks about writing, passion etc.


Taigraness said...

Neat, Mo! I really miss getting written letters. Used to have pen pals when I was younger. It's always more special to receive a letter.

And it's true that you write more meaningful stuff in a letter than in an e-mail or chat message.

Taigraness said...

Okay, just watched the vids. And I LOVE Isabel a speaker and as a person and as a fellow woman.