Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dummies Guide to US Elections - 1

Now you might ask why US elections and what do I have do with them whatsoever. I am not exactly sure of it either but would try to explain some parts in this post.

First - offcourse it has be to a dummies guide, a view from outside US.

More importanty, the main reason for following it or reading about it or watching it on TV is like watching or following a nicely scripted TV Drama Series like Heroes etc.. (thou' Heroes is better)

In my apt. we get Sky News (one of the few free channels we get), its a UK based news service (News Channel of the year "forever") owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, which also owns the creepy Fox News Channel in US. And hence they follow the US elections as if its going on next door every 15 mintues and also shows fox news specials of it. And its almost like watching a drama series, as I said earlier.

Previous US elections, in 2004, I was living in NJ, US and it's a bit weird, I (or we) never cared to realize whats going on in elections (everyone said they are voting for democrats but what happened in between, I don't know), hated the news coverage in US of anything, it feels all so artifical. Thou' there were other reaons too, who cares!!

But now, they are almost everywhere, all over Google News, Sky News Channel, blogs, NY Times, etc. etc., and they are still almost a year away. So in some way its hard to get away from them even if you have no real interest whatsoever. Very much like watching some TV show, which you watch but its just a show, so who cares.

Following all sorts of coverage in last few weeks, facebook et al. debate, youtube CNN debates, freaky oprah with obama, clinton with barbara s, etc. etc. and finally last week, Iowa Caucus (Winners - Barack Obama & Mike Huckabee) and following it all the hype about Hillary Clinton being thrown out of the race (hopefully u saw news of that, it was hilarious), polls showing all againsit her (f*ck news polls) and all sort of crap, again well scripted. Then she cries (or almost) on TV, and boooom, New Hampshire primary (Winners - Hillary Clinton & John McCain), found her own voice.

Isn't it a great start for any drama series, pilot episode.

If I get something wrong, unclear, totally out of context, please feel free to leave a comment, keep in mind thou' its only a dummeies guide.

Update (Daily Show is back on air) (episode 9 Jan 08)
* Ice Queen "HIllary" is melting
* they have tech gimmicks also
* and all those movie reviews while reviewing politics .. unbeatable

Updated Again - Jan. 15 (oh apple keynote .. get ready to spend some more money :D)

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