Friday, January 25, 2008

Dummies Guide to US Elections - Part 2

Following up on Dummies Guide to US Elections - Part 1

Tomorrow is one of the big shows for US elections, esp. for the Democrats. (Just to remind - there are only two parties - Democrats and The Republicans). South Carolina Democrats Vote tomorrow for their primaries in the state of South Carolina. The interesting angle here is, Bill Clinton, during his election days was called The Black President and he is quite popular among the community. Thou' its not his time now, its Mrs. Clinton who is in charge now, n offcourse has the backing of her popular husband and also the female voter's support supposedly. And on the other side, we have the actual / real first time (to be) black / african american president.

I don't have any information whatsoever about South Carolina itself (not important, irrelevant just like in any TV Drama, do we care where Heroes or Friends etc. happened, its just everywhere), and here also its all over news n internet, so we will believe in whatever the writers (thou' the real ones from Hollywood are on strike) wrote for us for the next episode and hence South Carolina has large number of votes from African American community and African-Americans strongly support Obama in South Carolina and then there are women voters which would again supposedly favour Clinton (i'm just assuming that seeing the last vote off), which would be critical for both candidates. Thuo' both sides are trying avoid that angle, but we all know its there and they are also trying to play it nice. Via Fox News (offcourse they put the most interesting angle out there, read it on their website only).

For the twist, or climax and the third angle, lets say John Edwards is also rising in popularity or people just can't make up their minds between Obama and Clinton and would vote for Edwards.

Isn't it fun, so get ready for an interesting episode of the US election primaries, watch it with your entire family. Its the weekend special for wholesome family entertainment.

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