Thursday, January 31, 2008

First Football (American) Game

Even after watching quite few games with my cousin back in US, never got the hang of watching American Football. Still haven't, but last weekend, I saw the first full game of American Football, ie. the NFC Championship Game - New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers. I must say, it was indeed a very good game, and some small technalities were explained by my friend who is a big NY Giants fan. Apart from the fact that I felt the game itself is freaking slow, in sense that they keep taking breaks, time-outs, half-time, 4 quarters, it never seemed to end; but a very entertianing game indeed. The temperature that night was like -1 F (ie. -18 C), freezing cold and a very good game on top of it. I was enjoying the game and again for first time, looking forward to watching the Superbowl next week, between NY Giants vs NE Patriots. Here are the highlights of the game.

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