Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rethink "Twitter"

So, the other day I posted about twitter, here, and never thought in a week I would be posting about it again. Today, through Metroblogging Dublin and Sean Bonner, I met with some very cool people from Dublin, who are huge twitter followers also, and we all end of going out for drinks and had few discussions about how twitter has or is changing ways of social communication. It was quite interesting to hear their point of about it. Thou' one thing I didn't notice earlier was, with twitter you can actually send updates thru' SMS's; which also bring out the fact which Sean mentioned that they "twitter" are paying for all of it "SMS" thru' their own pocket.

I still have my doubts about it but I def. like the idea of meeting interesting people thru' it, I'll give it another go over the weekend ....

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