Friday, January 25, 2008

Mighty Boosh - Noel Fielding

if you haven't seen Noel Fielding, he is a British Actor, Comedian, Animal Talker, Fashion Statesman, Musician, Standup Comedian, etc etc.. in short - brilliant performer. I saw him first time on The Mighty Boosh, British Comedy Show (you can see some episodes here), which is again one of The best comedy shows I have seen, its like one of those things, which is bit strange to grasp first time but if you just hold on to it, you will never regret it. It's pure enjoyment, very very original, staright from the mind of Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett and truely hilarious.

I know, I am talking too much in favour, but am telling.. the show ie. The Mighty Boosh and Noel Fielding (n also other actors in the show) are brilliant. Its very different sort of comedy, very un-american; and hence much better :D .. it has all sort of strange settings and storylines, sometimes unreal, magical, space age, animal kingdom etc etc., which might put off some people, but i love it :) . In their own words - its actually very hard to explain what the show is about and what sort of comedy it is.

And whats even better, they do live performanes also of the show, I need to get those tickets (playing in Dublin in September). I am super excited, nothing wrong :) .. its good comedy. You gotta see it to love it.

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