Saturday, January 05, 2008

Get back to work

Its been lazy last few days since back from new year's celebrations in London. Thought of going to work, but empty office is not the best motivator to go there. Hence i have been hibernating, the weather is horrible, windy, rainy, cold, n all reasons to not leave the house. Thou' it can be tough, i need to buy something like xbox or DS lite keep myself busy during hibernation holidays like theze :D

I was reading about this next web 2.0 apps stuff OpenSocial, etc. .. & one thing I keep hearing is "twitter" one of the next killer apps.. but i don't see the reason for that. Why should i keep updating what am I doing every few hours or minutes like going to work, going to gym, writting a paper, cooking, eating, etc etc., i don't see a very convincing reason as of yet. I am sure, it might be of some use if atleast some of my friends use it but until now it hasn't catched on. And I can atleast do a part of it thru' facebook or bebo or orkut and I knw my network will see that, so why another one like twitter. We'll see how it grows in '08.

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