Thursday, July 06, 2006

Reality Check - 2

A few weeks or months ago, Guy Kawasaki posted about a new VoIP service called jajah; I have been using it quite a lot to call internationally since then.

Few days back, they introduced FREE phone calls to all their members registered numbers, and unlike other services, one registers by providing any 3 phone numbers (like home, office & mobile) and hence one can call any registered number for free. Registration again is free.

To tell you the catch for free calls, as some of you might think, free calls, crazy. But since introducing free service, they have increased their normal calling rates to countries like india, australia, also swiss etc. (as i got charged almost double to call india last time).

Anyhow, if you register, even if you don't plan to use the service, your family, friends or contacts who might be using it, will be able to call you (ie. your registered number) for free. So, to make my life easy, join it!! :-)) and let me know your registered number.

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