Monday, July 10, 2006

Final Post - World Cup 2006

Hallo leute, ich bin zurück - i am back from my mountainous tour of germany :)) (more on that later). First the world cup, which came to a wonderful finish with ITALY winning for the 4th time. Congrats to the italians.

But before that, even bigger "Herzlich Glückwunsch Deutschland" - "Heartly Congratualtions Germany". The news articles are filled with praises for the country, its people, its football team, the arrangements, the policemen, the cities, their love for fans of all nationalities, the overall hospitality n so on. Read HERE and HERE.

As per the final game, it was equally balanced, italy dominating first half and france the second half. And as per the big talk, Zidane Zinedine, I believe it was wrong. There is a lot of talk in press and several variations, some supporting, some not sure, some aganist it. Everyone wondering "What happened to Zidane?" True, he is a great player and also won the "Golden Ball" award for WC'06 but the way he displayed himself on field yesterday, was kinda disappointing for the team & country on a world stage. Also he was def. not at his best in the game, unlike last games where he single handidly took the team till finals with his beautiful footwork and support on field. Many games are full of fouling, falling and fibbing, but a player of his stature and exprience shouldn't have lost his temper, that too for his last international appearance. Mebbe, he gives the reason for it sometime in future!!

In the end, the last 4 weeks were full of great moments of play, great football spirit, great teams and wonderful times with great fans, great atmosphere, lots of paryting, drummin, flags, honking, celebrations, tears, beers etc. etc.; esp. here in Munich and I hope everyone else enjoyed the sporting event equally. So until next time, 2010, keep the lively spirit showed by everyone in your hearts :))

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