Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Graduated Finally

yesterday, i went to the university just to check my mails as my internet was not working and while I was there, i decided to check on whether my final degree is ready or not. So went to the lady and asked her about it.

I said "Bitte sprechen Sie Englisch" (i don't take chances with my german for official work)
She said "Naturlich n smiles"
I said "Is my final degree certificates ready or whats the procedure to get them"
She said "did you receive any letter for it?"
I said "No"
(she) a bit confused, but still checks the drawers n said "Can i see your passport"
I said "sure" - here
She said "oh here it is, we must have sent the letter to wrong address"

then she explained some official stuff and asked me to sign some documents, that I received my final degree and that i am exmatriculated from univ. successfully

And hands over my degree to me .. n said congratulations n good luck

I said "Thank you; Vielen Dank"

Just holdin it feels great, NICE :-)) , and somewhere along it says

**Attaintment of this degree confers the right to use the title "Master of Science (TUM)" and the Abbreviation "M.Sc. (TUM)"**

The official ceremony takes place once a year, which is planned for Nov. '06 or so, where I will get something sort of official certificate or so. But thats for later.

Moving On !!

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