Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Music Search

today i came across a new internet music service called Pandora while surfing on CNet News. Now you must be like, there are thousands more out there, why another one. But this one is different, if i might say, and quite interesting too. Its 'a bit' like Mercora, if you have used it, but unlike mercora, no need to download n install anything & a lot more functions . Also mercora was nice but way too many bugs in the software & slow.

Now Pandora is an online music search engine & internet radio which allows you to play music by searching artist, albums, song, genre etc. and then one can create customized stations of one music taste's based on recommendations, ratings, feedbacks on songs, artists n so on. Its not like the conventional internet radios, where I have no say on the type of music I wanna listen too. And also its based on Music Genome project.

Go ahead and give it a try!!

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