Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Once again, heinous act of terrorism killing hundreds of innocent people stuck us. I am speechless and have no words for it. Its not even a year and this is the second time, I am posting on "bomb blasts" killing innocent people in India and not just India but there are so many more in thousands being killed all over the world by the so called terrorists. As one Indian poet n lyricist mentioned - Who are these people, are they even humans? How can they justify killing innocent men, women & children. Do they have souls, families, kids?

News articles in Indian press :-

Enough is Enough!
They call us resilient?
Terror Tuesday 7/11

Where will it end!!


room for thoughts said...

I'm so sorry to read all about that... Hope all your friends and family are ok...

small-M said...

thanks b. , yeah i talked to them after it, they are fine.

your graceness said...

very shocking indeed. i never would have expected such an attack in an already indigenous country. they felt the need to attack only the first-class cabins, but point. just blood. another tragedy for some group to claim credit. i guess they don't realize that noone cares about what they believe anymore because their acts are so heinous, nothing can justify them.

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