Friday, May 05, 2006

Apple Marketing - Reality Check

Apple marketing campaigns are fun, check out the new Apple's Get Mac Ads. They are pretty nicely done, or should I say cleverly done, but not sure how correct they are. One things Apple missed to mention is that "You have to be rich to love n own a Mac". But worth watching. Watch out Apple, hope Microsoft hits back with some Ads of their own.

Also, check Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki about a new VoIP (yes another one of those hot VoIP startups) service by JaJah . Pretty neat web-based telephony service is offered by Jajah using normal phones unlike Skype. Worth a few points. But Skype also has a new Beta version with lotsa new features & with their market share size, similar service would be out anytime. Till then its good service for people like me who still don't have a headset and have soaring mobile phone bills.

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