Thursday, July 13, 2006

Great Wedding

last weekend, I attended Daniel & Lena Wedding in Heidelberg. And as i said in my earlier post, it was my first German wedding. I had a great time and daniel-lena were great host. Best wishes for their new life ahead.

The wedding party took place near Heidelberg Castle, called Molkenkur, beautiful place. Heidelberg itself is a beautiful city, don't miss it. After a long drive from Munich to Mannheim, I arrived there all in sweat, it was extremely hot & humid that day; so after taking a cool shower, all ready to get the party moving :)

To my surprise, (ok not that much surprise as daniel already told me whos coming), lot of princetonians showed, who i haven't met for a long time - "Christoph, Marcela, Kaz, Paolo, Jens n more" and had a great time with all during the party; great people; great food (veg too, yes i'm sort of veg); great wine; great skits n shows by friends; great music n dance; everything was great :). And this time I was exempted from any speeches ;) and daniel-lena gave a wonderful thank you and welcome speech.

Next day, we all went hiking on Odenwald, it was equally great & the pictures are on flickr. But some of them are under "only for family n friends" options, so if you wanna see all, add me as an important contact in flickr :-)


liale said...

you didn't share the most important thing of the whole event.. mm at least most important to you I guess, and to me: because I will be invited ;)

small-M said...

hehe, sure u will be :-)).. just wondering how to share it .. mebbe in coming dayz ;)