Saturday, September 02, 2006

Water on board

Yesterday, was my first flight since the big bomb scare at London Airport and followed by several other incidents of hoax calls, racial discrimination, flights diversions, n offcourse the big change of no liquids on board.

I won't lie but I was myself a bit nervous :-) and esp. turbulances make me more nervous but they probably are the last thing on people's mind these days when they fly. On flight back, i was reading NYT and there was news about how a person was not allowed to board the flight in US as he was wearning a t-shirt saying "we won't back down" in english and arabic. What happened to our intelligence agencies, where is the intelligence for not allowing such incidents to happen. One of the main reason for avoiding the London attacks was intelligence.

Anyhow, back to this post, it was a great flight and i think Lufthansa is one of best airlines to fly with. And just to add, where are all these cheap airlines, don't know where they fly too, can't never find one when one needs them most. And most importantly I took a liquid on board (offcourse it was Water and I suppose its liquid) and it was no trouble, everything was smooth. Why? Because of intelligence. Just because someone looks asian, or is wearing arabic t-shirt or speaking in middle eastern languages or travellin in big groups shouldn't be the criterion.


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