Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August - The Farewell Month

Shakespeare said "Farewell, a fair cruelty" and "God knows when we shall meet again". August was quite a month with so many farewells to attend, which keeps reminding that time never stops and life goes on.

Its been a little less than a year that I came back to Munich and was looking forward to it, esp. with so many princeton friends here and also my old gang of uni friends. And offcourse, i had a great time in last few months here.

Actually, it had already started when i moved back here with a lot less old gang of friends. But all of you and lot of others kept it going. Lot of thanks :). So august was just an icing on cake, starting with Srdjee -> Brad -> Felix -> Grace -> Silvia -> Suleman -> Promita -> Raj.

Munich would never be same for me!!

*Good Luck my friends*

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