Saturday, September 02, 2006

British Appointment

Yesterday, i payed another visit to British Embassy, for a visa for 2 days, yeah 2 days, ok they gave me for 6 months but i only need it for 2 days.

And this time, i thought it will be much smoother as they have made the overall process online and only thru' appointments. But i was about to be proved wrong.

After completing everything online 1 week before the The Day ie. yesterday. I took an early flight to Düsseldorf and arrived perfectly on time as given by them ie. 10:00 AM. But nothing has changed in their process (atleast from my point of view). The person checked all documents and asked a few things and asked me to wait. The wait was never ending. I think they didn't even had look at application form before, as they were interviewing every single person there and there was no sign that I had an appointment for 10:30 and as its a short visit visa and should not take much time. But somehow, i (and another 2) was one of the last person to sit there and just sit there and it was already 2 PM and people came back to collect passports back (missed some important calls too as no cell phones were allowed). And at 2 PM, which is i believe closing time, without any personal talk with visa officer, i was given visa.

Hmm, so much for my appointment!!

PS: i am not complaining, but i just thought it could have been made much more smoother and wanted to share the thought


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liale said...

Just wanted to share one of these unbearable moments of time consuming encounters with administrative stuff, annoying official chunk they make you do where each of them leads to at least 10 further even more annoying chunk you need to do in order to make the first one valid... no complaints either, just came back from the social security office the other day and could have screamed my anger out to the sky. mm sharing emotions helps though. I hope? :)