Sunday, September 17, 2006


Since last time:
  • Visited Scotland a week ago, was dark n cold n rainy n windy
  • Have a new blog; not visually, but the back-end has been changed with more features for myself (like the tags etc.)
  • If you haven't watched "Thank you for smoking"; GO watch it, its a smart movie; it has rare satire to it, you would enjoy it n would def. make you laugh!!
  • Weather Report - Nice, easy, smooth, exposing, pleasant
  • Attended Oktoberfest Special Karaoke night at The Arc;

Hey hey baby (ooh aah).
I wanna know if you be my girl.
(X unlimited times)

  • Oktoberfest is HERE, and beer is in the air;

Thats it for now, more after the wiesn!! Prost!!

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