Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Impressive performance by Germany - WM 2006

Germany went into field with the attitude to be the first in their group and it showed in their game play since the first minute, totally over-powering Ecuador and winning with 3-0 difference. And not only that, they played a very organized and controlling game with flexibility, which they lack sometimes. Germany is very well in shape (& home advantage) to go till the finals, if they keep playing like this :), and must have changed a lot of hearts with their game today and as the germans say "berlin berlin, wir fahren nach berlin" :))

Ecuador lacked in all fields of the game - no defence, no attacks, no passing, no control of ball, no communication, no feeling, no attitude.... this is not how a team should come onto the field in a world sport (goes for any sports). And as i said (on flickr), they still have to prove themselves against world-class teams (esp. european football nations), which they failed to do today.

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