Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Football Fever

Football Fever is all over in Germany and Rest of the world, and being in the host country to exprience the action live has been great till now. I am myself not a CRAZY fan, but I like the game and enjoy watching the action. And offcourse, I am a "Brasil" supporter, until India starts playing some "out-of-india" league games. But I also want Germany to go all the way till the finals, looks like too much to ask from them right now, after seeing the opening game of Germany vs. Costa Rica and the awesome atmosphere of german fans, the home advantage is on their side. Some pics from the game at Fan Fest M√ľnchen, Olympiazentrum; and fan video of after "Philipp Lahm opening the scoring with a sixth-minute rocket".. the whole place rock'd in

Or Click Here to see the Video

And don't miss my face paint art :-) ..

Enjoy the game!!

Germany vs. Poland - Tonight - Go Deutschland!!

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