Saturday, June 17, 2006

The African Brazil, Go Ghana

Today's game of Ghana Vs Czech Republic showed why football is the World Sport. Ghana defeated one of the best teams of the game by shear brilliance and a very entertaining and balanced game by both sides. Czech's made a precipitous start to the second half but it was not enough as Ghana sealed the game with a second goal in second half, even thou' they missed on a penalty kick.

And a well deserved win for them and the African continent. And probably this is one of the reasons, why I am so hooked up to world cup, you can expect anything from the teams playing on the world stage and the one with excellent end-to-end energy wins, no matter who they are playing aganist. Its entertaining, people enjoying, chearing for their teams, waving the flags, honking, dancing, ....

And the ghana fans poured on the munich streets :-)) too, enjoying the great win

On a short note - US did a great fight (after their poor show in first game) with only 9 men against Italy and keeping their hopes alive for the world cup.


Your Graceness said...

Yay! Ghana learned how to score! :) Now Ghana's the underdog to watch out for. I don't think the US will have what it takes to match them, but how know, maybe we pull out some magic minus 2 of our starters. (They may have played well 9 vs. 10, but they weren't very brilliant about avoiding the yellow and red cards.)

small-M said...

their group has turned into one of most interesting ones and looking forward for tomorrow games.. i am not sure of US team, but def. they wud try to give some fight to the ghanians.. lot depend on czach vs. italy too!!