Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ecuador goes for KILL

The nation which plays at 9200 feet above sea level goes into the knockout stages while playing at 72 feet above sea level. Germany plays Ecuador in the next game to decide group A winner, which most probably will avoid playing England in the next stage. But what a game by Ecuador today aganist Costa Rica, winning by 3 amazingly executed goals by all 3 strikers (Kaviedes, Delgado, Tenorio).

What is even more interesting is that Costa Rica made 2 goals against Germany and yesterday Germany had a hard time getting thru' the Poland defense. While Ecuador easily defeated Poland 2-0 and now thrashed Costa Rica 3-0, very impressive performance. Not even England against their game today with Trinidad-Tobago managed any goal until 80 min. and by all standards a poor performance from them when they are one of the main contenders for the cup.

Looking forward to Germany vs. Ecuador; Germany watch out!!

My bet is on Eucador, I'm not a expert on the game but by seeing their performace today and seeing Germany struggle yesterday; its gonna be the match to WATCH OUT!!


Your Graceness said...

Where is your German loyalty, Mojito?? :)

small-M said...

hehe, my german loyalty is still alive :-))

By seeing previous games, just anticipating an interesting game for ecuador (german r def. good). Anyhow both r in round 16.. and till half time .. germans have total control of the game and ecuador looks extremely casual in their game (not what i expected).. but as said, if a team wanna move forward in the game, they gotta play all games to win, rather than on deciding who they play next, and germany is def. going for it.