Sunday, June 18, 2006

Am I in Munich?

During the day, I went to the city center to get some groceries done and all of a sudden drums beats broke my dream world, which I'm usually in while sitting in the tram. And I looked around, to realize - Am I in Munich?

Brazilian fans (n some ausi's n dutch's) have taken over the city and it looked like a brazilian carnival. Drums beats, people dancing, brazilian colors all over, fans n more fans, amazing atmosphere. Its even more entertaining in Munich, which otherwise is quite a calm city :) After seeing the initial euphoria, I decided to bike a bit to catch the glimpse of Samba Munich. I can't describe it by words, it was great to see such a great atmosphere of fans.

I'm loving IT (..its football, not soccer mate..:).
Enjoy the pics HERE
Enjoy the videos HERE (or directly HERE)

And if you don't have a TV (like me), Enjoy the LIVE game on internet, Follow the instructions given HERE

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