Monday, May 15, 2006

US President ~ Oprah

While reading my daily dose of blogs, there was an interesting article on Predicting the Next President - Dilbert Blog , a good collection of candidates who might never win or may be, who knows. But the thing which caught my attention was a comment on the article by some anonymous commenter called jakesdad, an excerpt -

... if Oprah decides to formally endorse Hillary it's all over. she (Oprah) is like "mom" from futurama with the robots - one day she's going to use her weight (pardon pun) to tell her minions to do her bidding... my wife, whom I do love, would dutifully march off a cliff w/o giving it a 1st thought (despite her masters degree) if that were the topic of an Oprah show.

that woman's influence is scarry - ....

(full read - the second comment on the article)

Funny!!, but she has this huge following of ardent fans, who might do anything ;)

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