Thursday, May 18, 2006

being more "sinnbefreit" by Sil.

Oh oh, wat a match.. whether you watched or missed the finals of Champions League Match today between FC Barcelona vs. FC Arsenal, it was a terrific game, with FC Barcelona winning. They dominated the game from the beginning, truely deserved to win; Even thou' they were trailing by 1 goal in the first half, never short of spirit and attacks, which finally led to 2 goals in 14 minutes in the second half, perfectly executed... great, i think the game got my spirits up for the World Cup.

Since last week, we (gr., sil. & hr) were having discussion about whether to start blog's or not (those of us who don't have it). Even thou' sil. started the whole thing, and offcourse the credit goes to her or in her own words: "what a feeling to encourage other peeople - think this will be my life destiny and a first step to realize my future plan: being more "sinnbefreit""; one of the others has a new blog, which I would like to introduce here, its by Grace - Friendster blog doesn't seem to have name - CHECK IT OUT, HERE ; in her words: "it's not the least bit intelligent, whimsical, original or classy" but I think, it will become all these as it grows.. great start :-)

f*&$ - my game CD is not working!! i drove the bike 2 hours to n fro to get it!! damn
New Read: Freakonomics - its all about data!!


liale said...

hmm this sinnbefreit feeling helps a lot in challenging everyday life situations, I can tell - never been so relaxed at work ;). unfortunately it is bad for one dark side of my life: I am smoking again *sigh*... it's all Herwig's fault!!!

Mo, I will be out there soon :+)

small-M said...

relaxed at work: GOOD, i think u needed that for a long time. Rauchen - ya haan, its a passing thing, just don't do it a lot..

see u soon

Dexter said...

hola! ;)

nice to finally meet a fan ;)